IFToMM Asian Mechanism and Machine Science

Asian MMS 2018

December 17-20, Bengaluru, India

J. N. Tata Auditorium, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, India

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Welcome to Asian MMS 2018!

Asian Conference on Mechanism and Machine Science (Asian MMS 2018) is an international conference organized under the patronage of IFToMM. The aim of the conference is to bring together academic researchers, industry professionals, and students in the fields of mechanism and machine science. The first Asian MMS 2010 was held in Taipei. This conference is the fifth in the series after Tokyo in 2012, Tianjin in 2014, and Guangzhou in 2016. The Asian MMS 2018, although primarily intended for Asian countries, serves as a global platform for the participants to exchange ideas and present their research in the following topics.


  • Theoretical kinematics
  • Computational kinematics
  • Machine elements
  • Actuators and sensors involving mechanics
  • Gearing and transmissions
  • Linkages and cams
  • Mechanism design
  • Dynamics of machinery
  • Tribology
  • Vehicle mechanisms, dynamics, and design
  • Reliability in machines and mechanisms
  • Experimental methods in mechanisms
  • Robotics and mechatronics
  • Biomechanics
  • Micro/nano mechanisms and systems
  • Medical/heathcare devices
  • Nature and machines
  • Compliant mechanisms
  • History of mechanism and machine science
  • Education in mechanism and machine science
  • Reconfigurable mechanisms and reconfigurable manipulators
  • Parallel and serial manipulators
  • Committees

    Organizing Committee:

    Patron: Prof. C. Amarnath, President, Association of Machines and Mechanisms
    General Chair: Prof. G. K. Ananthasuresh, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

    Technical Committee:

    Chair: Prof. Dibakar Sen, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru
    Co-chair: Prof. Santhakumar Mohan, Indian Institute of Technology-Indore
    Prof. Sandipan Bandopadyay, Indian Institute of Technology-Chennai
    Prof. Jing-Shan Zhao, Tsinghua, China

    Advisory Committee:

    Prof. Amitabha Ghosh, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, India
    Prof. Anupam Saxena, Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur, India
    Prof. Ashok Midha, Missouri University of Science and Technology
    Prof. Asok Mallik, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, India
    Prof. Burkhard Corves, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
    Prof. C. S. Kumar, Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur, India
    Prof. Gökhan Kiper, Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey
    Prof. Juan Antonio Carretero, University of New Brunswick, Canada
    Prof. Marco Ceccarelli, University of Cassino and South Latium, Italy
    Prof. Mehmet Ismet Can Dede, Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey
    Prof. Prasanna Gandhi, Indian Institute of Technology-Mumbai, India
    Prof. Pushparaj M. Pathak, Indian Institute of Technology-Roorkee, India
    Prof. Subir Kumar Saha, Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi, India
    Prof. Sudipto Mukherjee, Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi, India
    Prof. Sunil Agrawal, Columbia University, USA
    Prof. Teresa Zielinska, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
    Prof. Yoshihiko Nakamura, University of Tokyo, Japan

    Finance Committee:

    Chair: Prof. Palaniappan Ramu, Indian Institute of Technology-Madras
    Co-chair: Prof. Ravi Salagame, APTIV-Bengaluru

    Local organizing Committee:

    Chair: Dr. G. R. Jayanth, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru
    Mr. Rajeevlochana G. Chittawadigi, Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru
    Dr. Shanthanu Chakravarthy, Mimyk, Bengaluru

    Logistics Committee:

    Safvan Palathingal
    Chaitra Rajeevalochana
    Priyabrata Maharana


    Important dates

    Third call for papers February, 1, 2018
    Abstract Submission begins April, 3, 2018
    Deadline for abstrtact submission for an early decision April, 27, 2018
    Early decision on abstracts Before May, 1, 2018
    Final deadline for abstract submission May, 22, 2018 (no further extensions)
    Decision on abstracts submitted after April, 27, 2018 June, 1, 2018
    Deadline for full paper submission July, 15, 2018
    Decision on full paper September, 1, 2018
    Deadline for final manuscript submission September, 15, 2018
    Final programme November, 1, 2018

    Conference dates

    Pre-conference symposia December, 17, 2018
    Conference December, 18-19, 2018
    Sight-seeing December, 20, 2018


    Registration opens June, 15, 2018
    Author registration deadline October, 1, 2018
    Early bird registration closes October, 15, 2018

    Please note that the early bird discount of 20% is not applicable on registrations after October 15, 2018.


    Selected papers of the conference will be published in a Springer book. Authors will have full access to e-book.


    Prof. G.K. Ananthasuresh

    Department of Mechanical Engineering,
    Indian Institute of Science,
    Bengaluru, 560012, India