Faculty Recruitment

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) invites applications from exceptionally bright and motivated individuals with an established record of high-quality research, and a strong commitment to teaching, for Assistant Professor positions in its various academic departments and centres.

Applications are invited from citizens of India and from individuals who are not citizens of India (with or without the Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) status).

Especially encourage encourage women to apply.

This is a rolling advertisement and candidates can apply any time during the calendar year 2019. All applications will be accepted only through the online portal: https://recruitment.iisc.ac.in/frp

Qualifications and Experience Required Ph.D., with First Class or equivalent (in terms of grades, etc.) in the preceding degree, and a good academic record throughout.

A minimum of three years teaching/research/professional experience, excluding the experience gained while pursuing the Ph.D. In exceptional cases, candidates with less than requisite experience will also be considered.

Candidates should preferably be below 35 years of age

Scale of pay: Level 12 with a basic pay of Rs. 1,01,500/-. After the completion of three years of service in Level 12, pay will be fixed in Level 13A1 with a basic pay of Rs.1,31,400/-

Total minimum emoluments (including Dearness and Transport Allowance): Rs. 1,57,420 per month with house rent allowance, and Rs. 1,33,060 per month if staying on the campus.

Selection Process

A prospective faculty candidate sends an application to the respective department chairperson with a copy to the Registrar. The application can be submitted by a person of any nationality with a proven track record. A faculty search committee in the department evaluates the suitability of the candidate based on the academic credentials and the requirement in the department based on the area of expertize of the candidate. If found suitable then the candidate will be invited for an interactive session with the faculty members and to deliver a lecture. Based on the interaction and the lecture, the department will shortlist the candidate and sends a request to the Director through the respective divisional chairperson if found suitable. The Director appoints a selection committee comprising of both internal and external experts. On recommendation of the selection committee and approval of the Council the candidate will be appointed as a faculty member.

Service Conditions

  • Initially on contract for 5 years.
  • On absorption into permanent service – may opt for continuation until superannuation or sign another contract for 5 years.
  • All appointments of Assistant Professors are on an initial contract period of 5 years. A one year “probation period” runs concurrently with the first of these 5 years.
  • IISc has a “tenure” system, If an Assistant Professor does not get tenure by the end of the initial 5 year contract period, the Institute can (based on its own assessment) give one more contract (not exceeding 5 years) during which the faculty member must secure tenure or leave the Institute.
  • Upon obtaining “tenure” the faculty member can choose to continue until superannuation, or to be on a series of successive 5 year contracts.

Deputation/Foreign Service

  • Only for permanent staff
  • To higher positions
  • Borrowing organization/individual to meet leave salary and pension contribution

Voluntary Retirement

  • On completion of 20 years of qualifying service
  • Requires 3 months’ notice
  • Pension and other benefits – as per GOI rules


  • From private, public, joint sector units, R&D labs, etc.
  • Without affecting normal research and academic work.
  • Eligible for a share in the Consultancy fees for scientific and technical advice. 18 19

Continuing Education

  • Can offer courses under PROFICIENCE program during evening hours.
  • On areas of current interest and on identified topics.
  • For updating and refreshing specialized knowledge of participants.
  • Suitable honorarium paid.