IISc-Little Elly Playschool

Apart from the existing IISc childcare facilities, an initiative by staff members explored the possibility of organizing a preschool facility on campus that would be run in partnership with a private childcare and preschool enterprise. After detailed discussions and comparative assessments by a committee of IISc staff members, Little Elly was selected to setup the preschool facility based on their extensive experience and experitise with setting up tailored learning curriculum that matches with the developmental goal for children of every age.

An independent preschool facility started operating from mid-June 2017 at a residential bungalow with a spacious compound in the heart of the IISc campus. The facility has two programmes: a preschool for kids ranging from age group of 6 months to 5 years and an afterschool programme for kids from 3 to 12 years. Currently there are more than 50 children enrolled in the. The IISc preschool and daycare committee has taken the responsibility of meeting with the day-care authorities as well as parents at regular intervals to oversee the smooth operation and adherence to quality standards.

The preschool facility is open to all IISc staff, students, post-doctoral fellows and official visitors.

For further information, please contact 7338337868 / 9973188369 or iisc@littleelly.com