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IIScPress, established in 2008 in the centenary year of Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore publishes books, journals, magazines, newsletters, etc. for general public, in addition to informatory books for IIScians.

IISc is a research and post-graduate educational institution known for its science and technology research in India and worldwide. The principal mission of IIScPress is to bring quality books at affordable prices for helping Indian post-graduate education in science and engineering.

Books published by the IIScPress are of different kinds: collected works of distinguished scientists, research monographs, textbooks, biographies, popular science books, and general books. More information about these books is available under respective heads.

ICLS: IISc Centenary Lectures Series
IRMS: IISc Research Monographs Series
ICLS: IISc Lecture Notes Series
IPSS: IISc Popular Science Series
Other books: Biographies and general books

IIScPress publishes some books on its own and co-publishes other books in partnership with other publishers. Several books were published in collaboration with World Scientific Publishing Company (WSPC)from 2008 and 2013. WSPC was established in 1981. It is a leading publishing company in science, technology, and medicine, with its world headquarters in Singapore.

In 2013, IIScPress signed a co-publishing agreement with Cambridge University Press (CUP). CUP, established in 1584, is the world’s oldest publisher and the second largest university press. It publishes about 2500 books and 200 journals every year. See the following link for information about collaborative agreement between IIScPress and CUP.

IIScPress co-publishing agreement with Cambridge University Press

More information about IIScPress-CUP co-publishing

IIScPress invites authors from India and abroad to explore publishing with us.

Its office is in the Archives and Publications Cell (APC) of IISc. A committee appointed by the Director of the IISc looks after various aspects of the IIScPress. At present, the following are the members of the IIScPress committee.

Chair : Prof. Amaresh Chakrabarti   080-2293 3406  ac123@iisc.ac.in
Prof. Diptiman Sen : 080-2293 2974   diptiman@iisc.ac.in
Prof. Prabal Kumar Maiti : 080-2293 2865  maiti@iisc.ac.in
Prof. S P Arun : 080-2293 3436  sparun@iisc.ac.in
Ex-Officio Member, Chair, Archives and Publications Cell:
Prof. Kaushal Verma : 080-2293 3216  kverma@iisc.ac.in
Admin : Kavitha Harish : 080-2293 2750/2066   kavitaharish@iisc.ac.in

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