Department Contact Details

S.No.Name of Department/Centre nameCONTACT Details
(prefix +91 80 2293)
Dept. office Email idDept. Chair Email id
1Aerospace Engineering (AE)
2417 office
2Astronomy and Astrophysics (AP)
2315/3285 office
3Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AS)
2505 office
4Bachelor of Science (Research)
3388/3379 office
5Biochemistry (BC)
2473 office
6Bioengineering (BE)
2624 office
7Brain, Computation and Data Science (BCD)
3588 office
8Design and Manufacturing (DM)
2357 office
9Chemical Engineering (CH)
2318 office
10Civil Engineering (CE)
2324 office
11Climate Change (CC)
2075/3425 office
12Computational & Data Sciences (CDS)
2789/3598 office
13Computer Science and Automation (CS)
2368/2229 office
14Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)
3430 office
15Earth Sciences (ER)
3405 office
16Ecological Sciences (ES)
2506/2785 office
17Electrical Communication Engineering (EC)
2276/2278 office
18Electrical Engineering (EE)
3170/2361 office
19Electronic Systems Engineering (ED)
2246/2731 office
20Energy (EN)
3524 office
21High Energy Physics (HE)
2266/2474 office
22Inorganic and Physical Chemistry (IP)
2382 office
23Instrumentation and Applied Physics (IN)
2269/2741 office
24Management Studies (MG)
2378 office
25Materials Research (MR)
2515/2449 office
26Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences (IISc Mathematics Initiative)(IMI) 3217/3218 office
27Mathematics (MA) 2711/2265 office
28Mechanical Engineering (ME)
2332 office
29Microbiology and Cell Biology (MC)
2413/3314 office
30Molecular Biophysics (MB)
2459 office
31Developmental Biology and Genetics (DBG)
2659/2548 office
32Materials Engineering (MT)
33Nanoscience and Engineering (NE)
3291/3276 office
34Neuroscience (NS)
3431 office
35Organic Chemistry (OC)
2403 office
36Physics (PH)
2315/3334 office
37Solid State and Structural Chemistry (SS)
2336/3306/ 2519 office
38Sustainable Technology (ST)
2447 office
39Water Research (WR)
2740 office

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