ARE YOU UNDER STRESS ??
	A stressful circumstance is one with which you cannot cope
	successfully, or believe you cannot cope succesfully, and which
	results in unwanted physical, mental or emotional reactions.

	Are you under Stress ?

	Symptoms of stress

	Physical	* Losing sleep
			* Headaches
			* Vague aches or pains
			* Muscle tension
			* Losing appetite or over eating
			* Minor illnesses

	Phychological, Emotional, Behavioural
	* Loss of former concentration
	* Loss of former reliable memory
	* Indecision
	* Pessimism
	* Increased anxiety
	* Worrying
	* Irritability
	* Feeling tense & Strained
	* Persistent negative thoughts
	* Loss of Confidence
	* Demotivated
	* dull-gloomy mood
	* restlessness

	Social	:	* Unsociability	
			* Use of Stimulants/sedatives

	How to keep stress at bay ?	

	Some Tips.

	1.  Tensions can be eased out by planning the work well.
	2.  Avoid postpoining things which you are supposed to do now.
	    Accumulated work can predispose you to stress.
	3.  Regular exercise, rest & adequate sleep can ease out stress.
	4.  Make time for recreation & Physical & Mental relaxation.
	5.  Do not try to do too many things at a time.
	6.  Make sure you have an adequate food intake.  A balanced diet &
	    a positive attitude towards your diet in a must for stress
	7.  Do not isolate yourself from social life.  Spend some time
	    with your friends & near & dear ones.
	8.  Stop worrying & negative thinking.
	9.  Expressing feelings and emotions is a useful method of 
	    mitigating stress.
	10. Do not self-medicate for treating stress.  Consult your doctor
	    & the mental health professional.