Prof. Priti Shankar Teaching Award for Assistant Professors

  • Dsscription
  • Criteria for Selection
This award was instituted in 2012 by Prof.Jayant R Haritsa, Super Computer Education Research Centre. This award is given every year each for Science and Engineering. All faculty of the Institute are eligible to be nominated – the members of the Senate being the nominators. This award carries a cash prize of Rs.20,000/- each with a certificate.

  • Teaching to be considered in the broadest sense;
  • Innovations in class-room teaching as well as in special lectures at short intensive courses/seminars/conferences to receive due consideration;
  • Organization of lecture notes, publication of text books, monographs, etc., to receive special credit;
  • Also organization of teaching aids including audio/visual aids and their regular use in teaching will receive recognition;
  • Starting of new courses of instruction, particularly in new and emerging areas of science and technology, setting up of new laboratory experiments/facilities to assist class-room teaching will also be recognized.
  • Publication of papers on teaching methods innovative instructional practices etc., to receive special consideration;
  • Response from students/comments of referees etc. on the contributions of the faculty member to teaching excellence will also be an important input;
  • Extension work related to engineering or science education.