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IISc study identifies biomarkers to predict progression in brain tumour

IIT Madras, IISc, Indian Statistical Institute collaborate with Semantic Web India to continue COVID-19 Data Website Operations – India Education | Latest Education News | Global Educational News | Recent Educational News

IIT-M, IISc, ISI come together for Covid data

Institutes join hands to keep Covid site running

IIT Madras, IISc, ISI reveal Covid data on public website

IIT Madras, IISc, ISI Collaborate With Tech Firm To Upgrade Website Collating Covid Data

IIT-M, IISc Collaborate With Semantic Web India To Provide COVID-19 Data Website Operations

New coalition to maintain and preserve COVID-19 data

New coalition to maintain & preserve COVID-19 data

IIT Madras, IISc, ISI Collaborate to Update COVID-19 Data on covid19india.org

India’s major COVID-19 website shuts, another comes up in its place

देशभर से कोरोना के आंकड़े जुटाने के लिए अपग्रेड बनेगी वेबसाइट, तीन प्रमुख केंद्रीय संस्थानों को जिम्मा (IIT Madras, IISc, ISI reveal Covid data on public website)

IIT Madras, IISc, ISI to collaborate with tech firm to upgrade website gathering Covid Data

Website will be upgraded to collect data of covid19 in the country three major central institutions will be responsible

C+ data, by the people, for the people

शभर से कोरोना के आंकड़े जुटाने के लिए अपग्रेड बनेगी वेबसाइट, तीन प्रमुख केंद्रीय संस्थानों को जिम्मा ( Website will be upgraded to collect Corona data from across the country, three major central institutions will be responsible)

11 Indian Universities Among Top 100 Universities in Emerging Economies, Indian Institute of Science Takes Lead

Increased Carbon Dioxide Led to Doubling of Monsoon Rainfall Over 22,000 Years: IISc Study

IISc, ISRO Develop ‘Space Brick’ To Build Eco-friendly Homes on Moon & Earth

Past IISc Research in the news

  • 2017
  • 2016

December 2017

IISc. scientists create hybrid transistor device

IISc: How seasons drive a lizard’s life

IISc team to develop novel diagnostic technology

Auto Bot: A sneak peek into the lab & minds behind India’s first autonomous cargo vehicle 

Plants, animals in northeast use chemicals to communicate 

The particle trap: a novel method to trap nano-particles

How hard can you bite?

IISc: HIV drug elvitegravir lowers the efficiency of immune system


One gene to tackle all stresses

Researchers design a device to enable detailed study of cells – one at a time

IISc: Etched aluminium keeps surfaces bacteria-free

Cancer cure: Made in India— a cancer curing drug molecule


BBMP now taking us on Pod Taxi ride?

Researchers design supercapacitors that charges with UV light

November 2017

‘Drought, heatwaves increasing in frequency’

Scientific temper in society is shrinking, observes seminar

IIMB’s doctoral scholars Nabendu Paul & Kalpana Tokas win Best Paper awards at IISc research forum

Experts talk science

IITs, IISc find place in QS BRICS rankings

Wonder material graphene to make way into next gen electronic devices

Novel hybrid material may inspire highly efficient next-gen displays

Number-Resolved Single-Photon Detection with Ultralow Noise van der Waals Hybrid

IISc. undergraduates win gold at iGEM 2017

Faurecia partners with IISc Bangalore for AI-based solutions

IISc sets up cell for Kannada policy

Interface of IT and Bio-Sciences: how DNA strands can tell us who we are with the help of AI

Faurecia announces tie up with IISc


Times Higher Education: No Indian institution among top 100 for life sciences, IISc ranks at 200-250

Times Higher Education Ranking for Life Science released: No Indian institution in top 100

Remembering Sir CV Raman On His Birthday

Bengaluru: CNR Rao bets big on nanotechnology, says it’s in for exciting future

Remarks by K VijayRaghavan at the Careers in Science workshop at IISc

New device may help reduce neonatal mortality

October 2017


Scientists discover a new species of paddle pod plant in Coastal Karnataka

If city goes electric, CO2 pollution to reduce by 84%

INAE announces the Young Engineer Awards for 2017

IISc to President Ram Nath Kovind: Small is beautiful

Genome India Project launched in northeast

Sri Vanamali Seva Award And Dr. Mathoor Krishnamurthy Award Presented

IISc boffins crack a mystery in Earth’s core

IISc has potential to be Institute of Eminence: Centre

How to do good science?

IISc Bangalore In Top 100 Of Times World University Rankings 2018’s New Engineering And Technology List

IISc team develops novel method to deliver pain-killing aspirin

Fresh funding for educational institutes could be linked to NIRF rankings

IISc team fabricates nanomaterial to treat Parkinson’s

Last decade, over half of Shanti Swarup winners from three institutions, just seven women amongst awardees

An estimate of glacier mass balance for the Chandra basin, western Himalaya, for the period 1984–2012

Smaller Himalayan glaciers more sensitive to climate change – Down To Earth

Smaller Himalayan glaciers more sensitive to climate change – The India Saga

Smaller Himalayan glaciers more sensitive to climate change: Study – Bio Voice

Smaller Himalayan glaciers more sensitive to climate change story – India Science wire

September 2017

Ultimate aim of all research and development in science and technology is to make life better for common man: Vice President

Ten young scientists selected for Shanti Swarup prize

IISc start-up wins Start JLM Delhi competition

Infosys Foundation signs Rs 5 cr-MoU with IISc

Cancer research under way at IISc: Scientist

How cities are planning to tackle the menace of climate change 

From the gravel below the tracks, reading the signs of derailment risk

Shadows of LED Article  (pdf of the magazine Down  to Earth)

Science talent disparity

Bird malaria in the Himalayan foothills

How urban lizards are changing their lifestyles to make cities their home

Tech that: Size up a crowd the neural way

IISc alumna wins Kalam fellowship at US varsity

IISc Bangalore, CGWB Enter Into MoA For Ground Water Research

Build reservoir in Mangaluru to meet Bengaluru’s water needs: IISc experts

More concrete, more flooding, warns IISc report

August 2017

Will Bengaluru kill itself by 2020: This research says so!

Cocktails and Climate Change. Glass Half-Full now?

Beating back climate change

IISc: Copper-coated membrane makes drinking water safe

A 3D virtual laboratory to diagnose and fix electromagnetic anomalies

Manikins to train nurses in medical and nursing colleges

Stress affects wild Asian elephants too, reveals study by IISc student

Climate hacks

A cocktail geo-engineering approach to reversing global warming

IISc scientists to decide fate of pod taxis for Bengaluru

‘Give importance to research & innovation’

From bits to boluses: How do termites build strong mounds?

IISC-MSME Centre of Excellence to conduct design awareness workshop for MSMEs

Puttenahalli Lake to get a facelift

Study at IISc Expedites Search for Novel Materials

Lessons in reusing wastewater

Low-cost, sensitive CO sensor from IISc

July 2017

This automated vehicle counting system could pave the way for shorter, smoother commutes in India

Researchers uncover new avenues for finding unique class of insulators

Posthumous honour for pioneer researcher Rajeshwari Chatterjee

A Method in the Madness: How Termites Build and Repair Their Mounds

IISC researchers make electronic nose to ‘sniff out’ toxic pollutants from air

Indian Institute of Science gets government approval to establish commercial GaN foundry

Indian Government To Invest In GaN Foundry

Genome project promises to root out your origins

This twin-pit toilet could help save India’s remaining groundwater from contamination

How India’s First ISP Grew Among the Country’s Universities

IISc alumni, faculty playing a strong role to lead the nation: President Pranab Mukherjee

IISc to get Rs 3,000-crore foundry to produce ‘wonder’ nano material

IISc team develops low cost, high-sensitive nanosensors to detect carbon monoxide

IISc works to make a common antibiotic more effective against TB

President touches personal note at IISc convocation

3 army officers wear IISc’s badge of honour with pride

Pursue research instead of jobs, Prez tells IISc grads

When their dreams came true……

It was in 1998 that Sreenath last went to college. Today, he topped his batch in Aerospace Engineering at IISc

Reporter’s Diary: ‘Top scientist, humble human’

June 2017

Happy Surprise: IISc Scientists Widen Scope to Find Materials With Odd, but Coveted, Traits

How IISc scientists are seed bombing a barren land in Karnataka using drones

“IUCrJ” has been published the result of collaborative research group including Indian Institute of Science.

QS World University Rankings 2018: Research hub IISc, a world leader in citations  per faculty

Promising first step in producing blood cancer drug

May 2017

Bengalureans to get intimate with proteins tonight

A new combination of drugs for combating hepatitis C

IISc. to conduct study on the quest to find solutions to Bengaluru’s traffic woes

Reversing drug resistance made possible

Novel molecule to treat cancer

IISc team unravels how vitamin C helps kill bacteria

City lizards ‘talk’ less, run faster

Mimicking nature keeps implants bacteria-free


Meet the Wasp That Sniffs With Its Bum

IISc-MSME Centre of Excellence to organize workshop for MSMEs and Engineering Students

April 2017

IISc makes two potent molecules to fight TB

Sonata Software announces grant to fund research, outreach and infrastructure development at CSA, IISc

IISc designs a novel graphene electrical conductor

Long tradition of excellence has propelled IISc to the top

IISc on top in HRD Ministry’s university rankings

IISc researchers’ ecofriendly way of recycling e-waste

NITI Aayog for autonomy to scientific, research bodies

March 2017






Now we can Turn E-waste into Dust


IISc among world’s best 10 varsities

Six unsung heroes from Bengaluru honored at Namma Bengaluru Awards-2016

IISc teacher chosen mathematician of the year

A lone IISc among schools of excellence

IISc’s Open Day, Part of Its Science Outreach programme, is Getting Bigger

IISc becomes first Indian university to be ranked among top 10 in world


Jamsetji – The Tata who never went away

Air-powered water rocket on display in Bengaluru

February 2017

IISc researchers developing machine that can understand ‘worldview’ 

Meet this chief architect of Mysore, who was the original green builder

HAL chief flies HTT-40, Hawk-i; terms it lifetime experience

IISc founding director’s autobiography offers a rare glimpse into the past

New orthopaedic implants better in resisting infections

Expert against building desalination plant in city

Kurukshetra University announces awardees of Goyal Prizes

Manipulation of Macrophages

January 2017

Tech start-ups and academia: How Indian Institute of Science is showing the way

IISc brings together students’ unions to discuss growth, start-ups

GREat! Kolkata boy gets a perfect score

A link between Alzheimer’s and cataract suggested

Winners of Infosys Prize 2016 include IISc, VSSC scientists

Ayurvedic Medicines Being Promoted Without Proper Scientific Review: Dr Govindarajan Padmanabhan

Hub and Spoke model can make public transport system more efficient: IISc study


Volvo And Indian Institute Of Science Collaborates For Smooth And Clean Transport

Keep alive passion for science despite failures: Nobel laureate Moerner

Sickle Innovations’ apple picker harvests the fruit with minimal damage

December 2016

CNR Rao’s life in science encapsulated in a book



Industry-Academia Collaboration: Volvo Group India signs MoU with IISC for research on future mobility – See more at:

Bengaluru researchers mimic nature to produce richer colour

IISc only Indian institute in Global University Employability Ranking 2016


L&T Technology ropes in IISc’sCeNSE for nanotechnology research


From bees to aircraft, team combines biology, engineering

India gains second spot in emerging markets university rankings, IISc in top 15

IISc ties up with Amazon to offer fellowship

November 2016

IISc prof wins Infosys Science Prize in Engineering category; awards to be given on January 7

The stealth superbug, decoded

L&T Technology Services partners with IISc’sCeNSE

Scientists working on solution to deal with Drones Threats


HAL, IISc. to start skills centre

IISC team designs ‘salt’ to combat bacterial infections

Engineers, doctors join hands to solve real-life medical problems

October 2016

Why Science Students Are Taking to Tribal Art Forms To Visualise Their Work

Indian Institute of Science to set up digital campus over 3 years

HAL, IISc to set up skill development centre in C’durgadist

IISc offers PhD students maiden engagement with industry

IISc’s catalyst renders drinking water E. coli-fre

[Tech30] How BendFlex is looking to revolutionize everyday activities by marrying mech and tech

IISc develops new water purification method

At IISc, complex science gets an artistic touch

Cool IISc shows why green cover matters

September 2016

Sepsis fight gets smarter, cheaper

Indian Institute of Science dives deep into neuromorphic computing and AI

Scientists use bacteria to power a tiny engine

IISc recognises alumni’s contribution to science and technology


Forest fires can be predicted: IISc study

IISc develops model to predict headcount in crowds

Australia keen on space partnership with IISc

Quiz programme

August 2016

Down the synthetic route

Reduction in forest area has led to deficit rainfall, says IIsc study

IISc scientists decode Bengaluru’s raindrops

 Researchers at IISC developing plastic-like material for bone grafts

 IISc researchers produce a better water purification membrane

IISc to rope in students for biodiversity map project

New concept devised by IISc may reduce aeroplane making cost

Using light for cancer treatment

IISc scientists work to improve human-robot interaction

IISc bags  maximum number of INSA Medals for Young Scientists

‘IISc’s rank not a true reflection of the situation’

Avian malaria hitting bird numbers? IISc probes

IISc turns into a mini-lab for ‘Smart-City’ concept

Five IISc researchers get young scientist awards

July 2016

Cheaper, sturdier bone implants from IISc Team

South Asian regional office of ‘Future Earth’ inaugurated at IISc

IISc has a shocking solution for drug-resistant, infection-causing bacteria

IISc team moots alternate to antibiotic resistant infections

Industry 4.0: IISc building India’s 1st smart factory in Bengaluru

June 2016

IISc, 4 IITs among Asia’s top 50 varsities: QS Rankings

Small steps: Tiny is the new large

IISc Bangalore among top 30 Asian universities in THE 2016 ranking

593 students awarded graduation degrees at IISc. convocation

May 2016

Indian Institute of Science tops in research output

IISc finds ‘green’ ways to treat cancer, with negligible side effects

IISc develops novel approach to store hydrogen efficiently

March 2016

IISc library to digitise all books, doctoral theses

IISC scientist’s invention to make researches safer

IISc-incubated startup Azooka Life discovers safest food-grade nucleic acid gel stain

Extreme rainfall tied to local temperatures?

IISc takes a leap towards better cure for brain cancer

Bengaluru lakes: Where humans choke, can fish survive?

New TB vaccine candidate found

Electric buses better economically and environmentally, says IISc study

Crucial tool developed for study, research in aerospace engineering

Tricking a wasp into suicide to ensure pollination

IISc develops a powerful microscope out of a simple smart phone

IISc scientists find a novel method to kill cancerous cells

IISc and Aashritha Foundation highlight threat of antibiotic resistance driven by indiscriminate use

February 2016

When Big Data Changed the Results of Medical Research

Creating virus-like particles for drug delivery

New rainfall detection model to help monsoon forecasts

IISc scientists develop sensor to detect e-coli bacterium

Predicting crowd behaviour to save lives

Scientists find new way to develop heart, brain cells

‘We need to be prepared to adjust to drier conditions’

IISc:garlic enhances anti-malarial drug activity

January 2016

Shocking bacteria out of their safety zone

Exposure to endosulfan can lead to male impotence: study

IISc comes out with water-purifier membrane

More research needed to understand human impact on extreme rainfall: Scientists

Only four of 105 lakes in City good, says IISc’s latest study

New class of frogs found in the north-east

Photonics to drive terabit chips

IISc to indigenize hardware for Digital India, cyber security

IISc genome expression expert gets Padma Shri

Scientist VK Aatre gets Padma Vibhushan

Study allays monsoon alarm

Lot of degradable component in landfills: study

IISc research offers hope for those with Alzheimer’s

Microsoft hosts Data Science Students Challenge in India