Psycological Counseling

Ms. M S Savitha, M.Sc., (Clinical Psychology), PDCP and

Mr. B G Sridhar, M.Sc., (Clinical Psychology)

Counseling Psychologists & Therapists.


Psychological Counseling has been initiated from the year 2007 to help individuals, mainly the student community, in distress for any reason. However, the facility can be made available by any belonging to the Institute Community.
Individuals in need can fix up the appointment with the professionals directly on the Phone number 080 2293 3628 for Ms. M S Savitha and 080 2293 3629 for Mr. B G Sridhar.

Venue : 1st Floor, Faculty Club, IISc., Campus.

Time/Working Days : 9 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday, 9 am to 1 pm Saturday’s

Help can be sought by individuals, or through referrals from the Health Centre/Faculties or from concerned authorities, in the areas related to Academic, Personal and/or any Relationship pressure and issues.
The objective of the service is to help the individuals to understand the issue in the right perspective and get helped to come out of the stress. This is believed to help him/her to understand and maximize the inherent potential and to focus on the purpose of joining the Institute and to leave the same with due credits. Total focus will be on addressing the issue with suggestive copying mechanism/s to come out of distress. No records will be maintained to take action or harass any student while being in or out of the institute. The ethics of counseling in maintaining total confidence, anonymity and being non-judgmental is assured.