Memorial Lectures


Sir Vithal N. Chandavarkar was closely connected with the Institute from the year 1935 ‚Äď first as a member of the Council and the Court and then as the Chairman of the Council from 1947 ‚Äď 1959.¬† He was also the President of the Court during the year 1950-51.

The Sir Vithal N. Chandavarkar Memorial Lecture is to be delivered by an eminent person selected by the Council on the suggestion of the Senate on any topic pertaining to ‚ÄėIndustrial Economics‚Äô or ‚ÄėBusiness Management‚Äô.¬† This is arranged in alternate years (to alternate with the J. N. Tata Lecture).

List of Speakers:

  • A. D. Shroff,¬†Finance for our Industries,¬†1963
  • H. V. R. lyengar,¬†The Impact of Government on Business Management,¬†1964
  • P. L. Tandon,¬†The New Managerial Society,¬†1967
  • B. R. Shenoy,¬†National Savings and Industrial Finance‚ÄĒThe Indian Experience,¬†1969
  • Bharatram,¬†The Role of Science and Technology in Economic Development,¬†1973
  • S. Varadarajan,Scientists in the Management of Business,¬†1978
  • D. S. Kothari, ¬†Science and Self ‚Äď Knowledge,¬†1979
  • P. R. Brahmananda,¬†Productivity in the Indian Economy,¬†1982
  • Manmohan Singh,¬†Planning and Markets‚ÄĒSome Lessons of Recent Experience,¬†1986
  • Hiten Bhaya,¬†Energy Prospects‚ÄĒA Challenge to Indian Science and Technology,¬†1988
  • P. K. lyengar,¬†Nuclear Power-Science and Technology in it‚ÄĒIn Retrospect,¬†1990
  • Viren J. Shah, The Management of Transition,¬†1993
  • Bimal Jalan,¬†Science, Technology & Development,¬†1998
  • Montek Singh Ahluwalia,¬†Critical Challenges for Economic Development,¬†2006
  • C. Rangarajan,¬†The Indian Economy: Challenges Ahead,¬†2008
  • Kapil Sibal,¬†Empowerment Through Education,¬†2010
  • Dr.Raghuram Rajan, Governor, Reserve Bank of India, 27th February 2015
  • Nirupama Menon Rao,¬†retired Indian diplomat, Foreign Secretary and Ambassador to United States, China and Sri Lanka during her career, 6th June 2018


The late M Ct M Chidambaram Chettiyar was a leading Industrialist and Banker of Madras and the Trust formed in his name is being managed by his sons.  The Trust funds are utilised for educational purposes, like founding of Lectureships Scholarships, etc.

Mr. M Ct Muthia, son of the late Mr. M Ct M Chidambaram Chettiyar offered at the time of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Institute in 1959, a sum of Rs.15,000 for founding an endowment for a course of lectures in the Faculty of Engineering at the Institute, available in alternate years.  The Council accepted the offer and instituted the lectures.  The lectures are instituted in the Engineering Faculty and normally are expected to be arranged once in two years.

List of Speakers:

  • K. L. Rao,¬†The Modern Design of Dams¬†1961
  • V. M. Ghatge,¬†The Growth of the Aeronautical Industry In India,¬†1965
  • G . S. Kasbekar,¬†The development of Chemical Plants and Chemical Plant Fabrication in India,¬†1968
  • A. P. Kanvinde,¬†The Role of the Architectural Profession in a Socialistic Pattern of Society,¬†1971
  • M. M. Suri,¬†Scientific Education and Unemployment in India, 1973
  • A. Ramachandran,¬†Solar Energy ‚Äď Challenges and Perspectives in India,¬†1977
  • B. D. Tilak,¬†Challenging Opportunities for Rural Development through Science and Innovative Technology,¬†1985
  • A. S. Ganguly,¬†A Retrospective on Industrial Research,¬†1987
  • M. M. Sharma,¬†Microphases for Process Intensification,¬†1989
  • A. P. Mitra,¬†Environmental Hazards- A Scientific Appraisal,¬†1991
  • S. K. Joshi,¬†My Incursions into Condensed Matter Physics,¬†1994
  • Y. K. Alagh,¬†The future of Science and Technology in India,¬†1997
  • V. K. Aatre,¬†Electronic Warfare ‚Äď A Perspective,¬†2000
  • D. Subbarao,¬†Economic Crisis and Crisis in Economics: Some Reflections,¬†2010
  • M. K. Bhan,¬†Performance and Promise in Vaccine Development,¬†2013
  • Sam Pitroda, Chairman of India‚Äôs National Knowledge Commission, and CEO of World-tel Limited and founder and CEO of C-SAM, Inc., 2015.
  • Bibek Debroy,¬†The making of a new India, 2018


Dr. Morris Travers, FRS was the first director of the Institute from 1909-14.¬† The Institute established a lecture in his memory in 1989 (vide council meeting dated 30-6-1989).¬† The lecture to be given every alternate year by some person who has made significant contribution for the development of science and technology.¬† Copy of the lecture is to be given in advance for printing and distribution.¬† The lecturer will be paid travel, an honorarium of Rs.2000/- and will be treated as an Institute guest.¬† The first lecture was given by Prof.Goverdhan Mehta on ‚ÄúArt and logic in organic synthesis‚ÄĚ on 9th March 1990. The most recent and the 10th in the series was given by Prof.Ei-ichiNagishi in 2013.

List of Speakers:


The C. V. Raman Memorial Lecture has been instituted by the Indian Institute of Science Alumni Association in the name of late Sir C. V. Raman.

The lecture is to be delivered by an alumnus to be nominated by the Alumni Association.  The invitation to the distinguished lecturer will be extended by the Director on behalf of the Institute.

The C. V. Raman Memorial Lectures will be delivered every alternate year on the Founder’s Day to alternate with the Golden Jubliee Memorial Lecture arranged by the Indian Institute of Science Past Student’s Association, Bombay.

List of Speakers:

  • S. Ramaseshan,¬†Sir C. V. Raman,¬†1978
  • Sukhdev, ¬†Research and Development in the Chemical Industry,¬†1980
  • C. N. R. Rao,¬†Man, Minerals and Microscopes,¬†1983
  • R. Narasimha,¬†Order and Chaos in Fluid Flows,¬†1986
  • S. Chandrasekhar,¬†Optical Phenomena in Liquid Crystals,¬†1988
  • Govind Swarup,¬†Radio Astronomy & the Structure of the Universe,¬†1990
  • M. S. Valiathan,¬†Cardiac Surgery ‚Äď An Offspring of Experiment,¬†1992
  • V. J. Modi,¬†Satellites, Space Shuttles and Space Stations: Evolution and Challenges,¬†1995
  • Ramanath Cowsik,¬†My Meanderings in Search of Neutrino Mass,¬†1996
  • Narendra Kumar,¬†Quantum Zono Effect: Slowing Down of Reactions By Fast Perturbations,¬†1999
  • D. Balasubramanian,¬†Molecular and Cellular Approaches to Understand and Treat Some Diseases of the Eye,¬†2002
  • Michael E Fisher,¬†Molecular Motors- Observation & Theory,¬†2007
  • Michael Pepper,¬†Electrons in Semiconductor Nanostructures,¬†2010
  • Rolf Heuer,¬†The Search of a Deeper Understanding of our Universe at the Large Hadron Collider: The World‚Äôs Largest Particle Accelerator,¬†2013
  • Brian Schmidt, The Accelerating Universe, 2017
  • Daan Frenkel, The Disorder created by Entropy is in the Mind, 2018
  • Prof. Duncan Haldane,¬†Topological Quantum Matter, Entanglement, and a ‚ÄúSecond Quantum Revolution‚ÄĚ, 2019
  • David R Nelson, Active Antagonism: Reproducing Microorganisms and Fluid Flows, 2023


Prof. S. Ramaseshan was associated with the Institute in many ways starting in the institute and later as the Director of the Institute during 1981-1984.  After his death in 2003, the institute started a lecture  in his name.  There is no endowment for the same.  No formal approval by the senate or council could be traced.  The first lecture was given by Prof. C. N. R. Rao in 2005 and the second and last one by Dr.Srikumar Banerjee in 2011 and Prof.Chennupati Jagadish in 2016 respectively .

List of Speakers:

  • C. N. R. Rao,¬†The Chemical Design of Materials ‚Äď A Journey Through Half a Century,¬†2005
  • Srikumar Banerjee,¬†How the Design of an Advanced Nuclear Reactor Evolves,¬†2011
  • Chennupati Jagadish, Semiconductor Nanowires for Optoelectronics and Energy Applications, 2016
  • Prof. Jean Francois Joanny, Soft Condensed matter Physics : Physics for Biology, 2019


At the suggestion of Mr. J. R. D. Tata, President of the Court, the Trustees of the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust in early 1962 decided to Institute, in conjunction with the General Assembly, a lectureship to be known as ‚ÄúThe J. N. Tata Lectureship‚ÄĚ.¬† The General Assembly is held every alternate year and therefore the J.N.Tata Lectures will be delivered every alternate year.¬† The invitation to the distinguished speaker to deliver the lecture is extended by the President of the Court in consultation with the Council and the Director.

Subject of the Lecture : This will depend upon the person invited and his field of special interest. It need not necessarily be connected with science and technology.

List of Speakers: