Open Day 2018: When IISc unveils its research to the public

Open Day 2019

IISc E-Rickshaw Routes

A trial run with three E-rickshaw vehicles has been planned for 3-days during 8th March to 10th March 2018, on three identified routes in the campus.

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An invitation from the Director

director-iisc-1The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) was conceived and founded by Shri Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, whose birth date is on 3rd of March. It is celebrated in IISc as the Founder’s Day. The 28th of February is celebrated all across India as the National Science Day to commemorate the anniversary of the discovery of the Raman Effect, whose discoverer, Sir C. V. Raman, was a former Director of IISc.

It is in conjunction with these days that, each year, IISc holds an Open Day during which its portals of the Institute are open for the public to let observe first-hand the activities of the Institute. This year again, the Institute welcomes you on Saturday, the 10th of March, to Explore, Experience, and Enjoy the wonders of scientific and technological research and innovation in IISc, Bengaluru.

— Professor Anurag Kumar

The Tradition of Open Day in IISc

Open Day is organized to showcase research in the Institute and to communicate important concepts in science and engineering to the general public. Its origins can be traced to a report of a review committee, which met on 22 September 1956. The report suggested that “the Institute should have an open week before the annual meeting of the court, during which the Institute may be visited both by members of the Court and the general public”. The suggestion found support from J.R.D Tata, the erstwhile President of the Court of IISc. Based on the suggestion, the first Annual Week was organised in March 1957. The Open Days formed part of the Annual Week: besides the general public, industrialists were also specifically invited to visit the Institute on these days. The Open Day brochure brought out in 1972 suggests that the event contributed to improving liaison with Industries and helped promote Industry-Institute collaboration.

The Open days were spread over couple of days initially; this later became a day-long event. It has now become an annual feature in the Institute’s calendar. The day-long science and technology carnival is held on a Saturday closest to 3rd March (excluding itself), the birth anniversary of J. N. Tata, the founder of the Institute.

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