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What is PEDL?
PEDL is India’s first dock-less, affordable and environmentally friendly cycle sharing service for short trips around the city. All PEDL cycles come with an intelligent lock system that works with a smartphone to bring more convenient access to the user.

Unlock and Start a ride

Where can I find a PEDL?
PEDL cycles are conveniently located across neighbourhoods in various locations.  All cycles are GPS enabled which helps you locate one at a close by PEDL station on the web app.

How does PEDL work?
– Find a PEDL at the nearest PEDL station
– Link your PayTM wallet with a minimum balance of Rs.10 in the wallet
– Scan the QR code on the rear mudguard or on the lock to unlock the cycle and PEDL off

How do I start a trip?
To start your trip, press UNLOCK button on the home screen and scan the QR code on the rear mudguard or the lock

Pricing and Payments

How much does PEDL service cost?
You can take a PEDL trip at Rs.1 per 30 minutes.

How do I pay for the service?
The payment for your trip will be charged from the PayTM account. However, if your usage exceeds the minimum balance of Rs.10, you will be prompted to pay to continue using PEDL.

How is my ride fare calculated?
Fares are calculated for every 30 min and will start as soon as the cycle is unlocked. The fare is calculated till the time the cycle is locked and the trip is ended through the web app.

Can I pay through other modes of payment other than PayTM?
We currently support PayTM as the only mode of payment. We will be adding other payment modes very soon.

When you are on a Trip

Do I have to return the cycle at the same PEDL station where I started the trip from?
A PEDL cycle can be returned to any active PEDL station. You can find the nearest PEDL station by using the “FIND NEARBY PEDL STATIONS” option.

Can I drop the cycle anywhere apart from a PEDL Station?
No, PEDL cycles must be dropped only at an active PEDL station shown on the web app.

What if I may have to stop for a short time before I continue my trip?
Just lock the cycle and complete your stopover. To re-start the trip, just unlock through the UNLOCK option present in the “TRIP IN PROGRESS” screen.

What should I do if the trip has started but the cycle did not unlock?
Try sliding the lock manually once and then try unlocking through the UNLOCK option present in the “TRIP IN PROGRESS” screen.

What should I do if I am unable to end my trip?
Please lock the cycle within an active PEDL station, and press “END MY TRIP” button to end your trip. If the above doesn’t work, contact our customer service team.

Why am I being asked to add money to continue using PEDL?
A minimum PayTM balance of Rs. 10 is required to rent a PEDL cycle. However, you will only be charged for the duration of your trip. If your usage exceeds the minimum balance required, you will be prompted to pay to continue using PEDL.

What if I am facing trouble in riding the cycle I unlocked?
We sincerely apologize for the trouble caused to you. We would request you end your trip by dropping this cycle at a nearby PEDL station. You may choose to book any other available cycle present at the PEDL station. Don’t forget to report the damaged part(s) through the web app.

What if the cycle gets damaged while I am on a trip?
Fret not, just return the cycle at a PEDL station to end your trip. Don’t forget to report the damaged part through the web app. You may unlock any other cycle and continue using PEDL.


Can I pre-book PEDL cycles?
No, PEDL is an on-demand service and you should find one every time you need it given the high-density levels of PEDL cycles across neighbourhoods.

Can I use PEDL cycles for the entire day, week or month?
You can use PEDL for as long as you wish to. We shall soon be introducing attractive packages for the same.

Where is PEDL service currently available?
PEDL is available in the following cities:

– Bangalore
– Chennai
– Pune
– Kolkata
– Mumbai
– Hyderabad
– Gurgaon
Many more cities are coming soon so please do keep checking on the web app and our social media pages.

What do I do if the QR code scan does not unlock the cycle?
Please enter the cycle number located below the QR code to unlock the cycle.

How can I get a PEDL Station near to me?
You can just subscribe to be a PEDL Host! For more information, please visit

How do I contact the customer support?
Please write to us at with your details and our representatives will contact you within 24 hours.


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