The Faculty of Engineering consists of Departments of Aerospace,Centre for Atomospheric and Ocean Sciences, Electronic Systems Engineering, Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing, Civil, Chemical, Computational and Data Sciences (CDS), Computer Science & Automation, Electrical, Electrical Communication, Management Studies, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Supercomputer Education & Research Centre.

Academic programmes leading to M.E. or M.Tech by course work and Ph.D. and M.Sc.(Engg.) by research are available in almost all the departments. An unique feature of the ME/M.Tech. programmes at the institute is the credit system which allows a student to tailor the courses to suit his/her aptitude and interest. Every ME/M.Tech. programme has a set of hard core courses specified as an essential requirement whereas the student can take rest of the credits from many courses available in his/her parent or other departments and also do a desertation work on the topic of his/her choice. These courses attract highly motivated accomplished students, in addition to several sponsored candidates from R & D labs./industries and also from educational institutions under the QIP programme. The flexible ME/M.Tech. programme has been recently introduced in a few departments which enables candidates from industry to take courses leading to ME/M.Tech. of the Institute, spread over a longer period than the regular programmes so that they can do ME/M.Tech. programmes while working at their industries.

Research programmes leading to M.Sc.(Engg.)/Ph.D. degrees are the main thrust in many departments. The programme has a limited amount of course work, essentially to prepare the student to carry out the research, but the main emphasis is on the thesis work. Excellent laboratory and computational facilities, an unique library, outstanding faculty with strong interests in both basic and applied sciences, make ‘dream come true’ kind of environment to students with strong interest and aptitude for research. These programmes attract students from all corners of the country, in addition to some international students.

External Registration programme leading to M.Sc.(Engg)/Ph.D. provide a most attractive mechanism through which candidates from industry/R&D can work with the faculty at the Institute under the joint guidance of Institute faculty and senior officers, Scientists in their parent organisation and acquire a research degree of the Institute with a minimal residential requirement. This has been one of the most successful programmes with nearly 30% research student enrolment in the Engineering faculty.

Faculty being highly qualified and exposed in specialised areas of national importance, attract a great deal of sponsored research and have the opportunity to participate at national and international levels in top level science and engineering meetings. This feature enables the faculty to respond rapidly to the changing scenario in science and technology and give initiations by introducing and nurturing new subjects. Thus every research effort becomes indeed a step in a new direction, providing exhilarating experience of learning/discovering in the ever changing scene of engineering and science.

In the 1997-98 session, the Institute has introduced three new courses viz. 1) ME Programme in Microelectronics, 2)ME Programme in Signal Processing and 3) perhaps the most innovative of programme of its type, the M.Des. Programme in Product Design and Engineering.

To keep up with the changing scenario of science and technology development in the country the following Masters Degree courses have been introduced, viz. (1) A unique masters (M. Mgt) program in the country to build leadership in the two important areas of Management, namely, Technology Management and Business Analytics has been introduced in the Department of Management Studies from the 2011-12 academic year and (2) M Tech (Computational Science) programme in the Supercomputer Education and Research Centre from the 1999-2000 academic year.