Argiope aemula – also called the Signature Spider

Photographed another one of Nature’s Gems at the IISc Horticultural Garden and Nursery, this morning.

Argiope aemula  


Argiope aemula is a species of spider in the family Araneidae, found from India to the Philippines.

 It is one of the species of giant conspicuous “signature spiders” of the genus Argiope, the signature being the X-shaped zigzag bands of white silk in the centre of the web, the stabilimentum, that is believed to serve a camouflage function.

The brilliantly colored spider with silvery hair on the carapace sits head down in the centre of the web, and holds its legs in pairs in such a way that they appear to be aligned to the four arms of the letter ‘X’. 

Ahuja, 06_11_2017