Psychological Counseling Wing, CCS, IISc

Dear all,

There is an initiative from Psychological Counseling Wing of CCS, IISc to start a Peer Support Group among the students, focusing on the ‘LONERS’ in “DISTRESS”.

When this move was discussed during an ‘ Open Survey’,with few of the Professors,one of the Associate Professors suggested to initiate ” YOUNG FACULTIES’ PEER SUPPORT GROUP from interested young Faculties across the Departments,who would relatively be of the same age group as those of the students, to help them in case of any Academic Related issues/problems.

It is felt that this would give ” Horizontal Mobility” to the students to feel free to share their concerns with any of the faculties from the group, whomever they feel comfortable with and get helped.The term ” YOUNG FACULTIES” is specifically used considering the fact that the comfort zone of the students will be better( age specific) to relate with.

Can we request the interested faculties from across the departments to send their consent to or

Chairman, CCS
Nalini Dwarakanath,
Counseling Psychologist, CCS, IISC