List of departments hving PhD Degree Pogramme

Departments offering Ph D/M Tech (Research) programme
Biochemistry (BC) - Ph D
Molecular Reproduction; Development and Genetics (MD) - Ph D
Ecological Sciences (ES) - Ph D
Microbiology and Cell Biology (MC) - Ph D
Molecular Biophysics (MB) - Ph D
Neuroscience (NS) - Ph D
Inorganic and Physical Chemistry (IP) - Ph D
Materials Research (MR) - Ph D
Organic Chemistry (OC) - Ph D
Solid State and Structural Chemistry (SS) - Ph D
Astronomy and Astrophysics (AP) - Ph D
Mathematics (MA) - Ph D
Physics (PH) - Ph D
High Energy Physics (HE) - Ph D
Computer Science and Automation (CS) - M Tech (Res)/Ph D
Electrical Communication Engineering (EC) - M Tech (Res)/Ph D
Electrical Engineering (EE) - M Tech (Res)/Ph D
Electronic Systems Engineering (ED) - M Tech (Res)/Ph D
Computational and Data Sciences - Computational Science (CD-CP) - M Tech (Res)/Ph D
Computational and Data Sciences - Computer and Data Systems (CD-CS) - M Tech (Res)/Ph D
Nanoscience and Engineering (NE) - Ph D
Aerospace Engineering (AE) - M Tech (Res)/Ph D
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (AS) - M Tech (Res)/Ph D
Chemical Engineering (CH) - M Tech (Res)/Ph D
Civil Engineering (CE) - M Tech (Res)/Ph D
Earth Sciences (ER) - Ph D
Mechanical Engineering (ME) - M Tech (Res)/Ph D
Product Design and Manufacturing (PD) - M Tech (Res)/Ph D
Materials Engineering (MT) - M Tech (Res)/Ph D
Sustainable Technology (ST) - M Tech (Res)/Ph D
Management Studies (MG) - Ph D
Instrumentation and Applied Physics (IN) - M Tech (Res)/Ph D
Biosystems Science and Engineering (BE) - Ph D (Interdisciplinary program)
Energy (EN) - Ph D(Interdisciplinary program)
Mathematical Sciences (IMI) - Ph D (Interdisciplinary program)
Nanoscience and Engineering (NA) - Ph D (Interdisciplinary program)
Water Research (WR) - Ph D (Interdisciplinary program)
Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) - Ph D (Interdisciplinary program)