BEST+: where engineering and MBBS students mingle as summer interns

Centre for BioSystems Science and Engineering (BSSE) organized two summer internship programmes for undergraduate students during the summer of 2017. The first programme is an ongoing initiative that aims to provide hands-on research opportunities for undergraduates pursuing an engineering or science degree. This programme has been supported by a generous donation from Dr. Anita and Animesh Mukherjee (Alumni, IISc). This year 10 students were selected from over 400 applicants, to join research laboratories associated with BSSE, IISc. The programme ran from 15th May to 14th July, 2017. The second is a new programme initiated this year in collaboration with Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore. This new initiative provided medical undergraduates from CMC with an opportunity to explore research activities at BSSE, IISc. Twelve students selected by CMC were hosted in different laboratories from 1st May to 26th May, 2017.

 These programmes were structured to ensure overlap between the engineering/science and medical undergraduates. The students mingled together in individual research laboratories, as well as during didactic lectures presented by numerous faculty at IISc. Our Centre aims to continue these summer internship activities on a yearly basis, and has titled them as the BioEngineering Summer Training (BEST) programme for engineering/science interns and the BioEngineering+ Summer Training (BEST+) programme for medical interns.

 Combined picture of all interns at BSSE for the summer

Picture of the Engineering/Basic-Science Undergraduates who are part of the BioEngineering Summer Training (BEST) Programme – 2017

Picture of the first batch of MBBS interns from CMC Vellore who are part of the BEST+ Programme


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