Activities of the Center from Inception

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  • Guidance classes for children in 10th and 12th standards
  • CET coaching for 12th and PUC students
  • Training in Arts and Crafts for staff dependents on various program
  • Income Generation program for dependents/spouses of employees to supplement the family income
  • Counseling for alcohol addiction, domestic problems, remedial help for in disciplinary and debts
  • Centenary Lectures on Health Issues in co ordination with the Health Center
  • Science Congress for young Talented students from rural Navodaya Vidhyalaya Schools
  • Lectures/Seminars by eminent personalities on various for the benefit of employees, their families and children

Updated Activities over the period uptil now

  • Psychlogical Counseling Service mainly for the students but is extended to Faculties, Staff, Spouses, and their children as well to provide suggestions and help with coping mechanisms to address issues pertaining to personal, familial, marital, educational, career, and or on psychological issues
  • Training and Developing the Peer Support Group in each department to help the loners and to develop Grass Root Counselors from Admin staff to help the needy
  • Women’s’ Cell to help resolve issues and to empower them with productive activities
  • Sexual Harassment Cell to help those who lodge formal complaints on account of any kind of harassment amounting to Sexual Harassment
  • Training in Basic English Communication for Group B, C, D employees and students from rural background who feel the need to improve their basics and communicative English
  • Training in Basic computer operations to spouses of faculties, staff and interested Group B, C, D employees
  • Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation classes for faculty, Students, Staff and their children on specific days between 1 and 2 pm by Mr.B. S. Sekaran
  • Tailoring &embroidery classes for the employees and their dependents
  • Life Skill Workshops-(Need Based) for all across the IISc Community
  • To address complaints specific to Women Issues through Women’s Cell
  • To help the affected individuals in case of Sexual Harassment through SHCC

Proposed Activities for the period 2014-15 in addion to the existing ones

  • Developing Peer Counseling Support Group among the students from 2nd and 3rd year PhD
  • Help line Boxes in each department monitored by Peer Support Group in coordination with the Counselor
  • Exclusive Psychological Counseling Blog to answer the queries posted by the Individuals who would want to maintain anonymity and to answer the queries raised through Help Line Boxes
  • To post relevant articles on Human Psyche and Issues and other Psychological aspects and on Mental Health and Hygiene
  • Telephoning Help Line Service to access on 2293 2990 between 10am and 4 PM
  • Online Service through mail access on (or)
  • Seminars , Workshops and Lecture Series on :
    • Good Mental Health and Psychological Well Being to improve the Quality of Life,
    • Emotional well being,
    • Personality= Nature x Nurture
    • Adjustment issues and Developing Positive Attitude
    • Stress Management
    • Understanding Self and Personality and its impact on the Behavior and Thinking through the famous Psychological concept of ” Johario’s Window” & ‘Transactional & Transformational Analysis’
    • Women Issues and Empowerment,
    • Financial Planning and effective Family Management

Latest News

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