IISc Journal V97-I1-2017

Volume 97, Issue 1, March 2017

ISSN:0970-4140 (Print) 0019-4964 (Online)

In this issue (11 articles)

  1. Editorial

Editor’s Desk

T. N. Guru RowPage 1
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  • Editorial

Guest Editor’s Desk

Sandhya S. VisweswariahPages 3-4
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  • Review Article

Integrin-Dependent Regulation of Small GTPases: Role in Cell Migration

Archana PawarNagaraj BalasubramanianPages 5-21
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  • Review Article

Inositol Pyrophosphates: Energetic, Omnipresent and Versatile Signalling Molecules

Akruti ShahShubhra GanguliJayraj SenPages 23-40
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  • Review Article

A Systems Perspective of Signalling Networks in Host–Pathogen Interactions

  • Review Article

Conceptualizing Eukaryotic Metabolic Sensing and Signaling

  • Review Article

Multifaceted Housekeeping Functions of Autophagy

Sarika ChinchwadkarSreedevi PadmanabhanPages 79-94
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  • Review Article

G protein Signaling, Journeys Beyond the Plasma Membrane

Raji R. NairAmritanjali KiranPages 95-108
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  • Review Article

Illuminating Cyclic Nucleotides: Sensors for cAMP and cGMP and Their Application in Live Cell Imaging

Suruchi SharmaSandhya S. VisweswariahPages 109-128
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  • Review Article

Cellular Dynamics Controlled by Phosphatases

Parveen KumarSubbareddy MaddikaPages 129-145
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  • Review Article

Spatio-Temporal Control of Cellular and Organismal Physiology

by SirtuinsShaunak DeotaNamrata ShuklaPages 147-159
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