Test Form

G.K. Ananthasuresh



1.   The Journal of the Indian Institute of Science is a multidisciplinary review journal. Its readership is spread across many disciplines. Therefore, the authors should provide sufficient background to the topic to help readers understand the context of the review article. This should be followed by a comprehensive discussion of the topic tracing its history from the past up to the present. Authors may include, at the end of their article, their perspectives on the future challenges and opportunities in that topic. 

2.   There are no upper limits on the length of the article. 

3.   The article will be printed in full colour on art-quality paper.  The authors should use colour in their illustrations (figures and tables) to make them most effective. 

4.   The authors are requested to identify one or two eye-catching figures from the article for possible inclusion on the cover of the journal. The figures identified for the cover may be re-sized or slightly modified by the typesetter if they are used for the cover page. 

5.  Marginal Notes: Multidisciplinary review articles appearing in this journal are meant for readers from many different disciplines.  Authors are therefore requested to include a short explanatory note of the terms that might be widely known within a particular field, but not known to researchers in other fields. These explanatory notes will appear in the margins. The authors should use their judgment to identify such terms and provide short explanations (one to three sentences). When the authors submit the papers, the terms should be highlighted in the text in a way (different colour, italics etc.) to help the typesetter decide the location of the explanatory terms in the text.

 There should be at least two margin notes in each page of the paper.

 6.   All articles should be comprehensively referenced.The references should be cited as superscripted numbers within the text of the article.  Bibliographic reference, or references and notes, should be numbered serially.  Notes and references should follow the main text and should conform to the following format:(a) G. R. Naidu and P. R. Naidu, Isotope exchange study of nickel xanthate in the presence of toluidines, Proc. Indian Acad. Sci. A, 87, 443-446 (1978)(b) C. Giacovazzo, Symmetry in crystals, Fundamentals of crystallography, pp. 1-60, Oxford University Press (1992).(c) Chen, Yuen Ren, Superconductivity at high temperatures, Lawrence Erlbaum, (1996). 

7. Login as author once your name registered by the Guest Editor. Click on the online submission link: https://www.editorialmanager.com/iisc/default.aspx.  You will receive an intimation to submit your review article manuscript for the special issue through the Springer Editorial Manager System. Kindly wait till you get intimation from the Guest Editor to submit the article online.

 8.   Short biographies and photographs of all the authors need to be provided along with the article.  The postal and email address of the main author arerequired in order to provide contact details in the article. 

9.   Although the articles for this journal are solicited or invited by the guest editor, they will be sent for review to ensure readability and clarity for a multidisciplinary audience. Hence, authors are requested to suggest three or four possible reviewers to the guest editor. The suggested reviewers should be well-versed with the topic so that they can provide useful feedback.

10.  The authors are expected to seek permissions for figures, tables, and illustrations that are taken from published sources, from the respective publishers. The Guest Editor should ensure that all permissions are in place. 

11.  The authors should ensure that their article is thoroughly proofread both at the time of submission and after the proofs are provided to them just before publication.

12. The Journal is expected to be ready to publish during the first week of the first month for the particular issue, example: (Jan.-March) issue is expected to be ready by First week of January. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the authors desire their work to be under “open access” (free online availability of articles to anyone who wants to access and use the results) and select the “open access” option in the Springer Editorial Manager System, they will be charged a fee.

 Journal online: https://link.springer.com/journal/41745

e-mail: journal@iisc.ac.in