Golden Jubilee Memorial Lectures

The Golden Jubilee Memorial Lecture was instituted in 1960 from the Alumni Fund (resolution XXVI of council meeting dated 03-10-1960).  The lecture is to be held every alternate or third year as the case may be by an eminent past student of the Institute.  The selection of the lecture to be made by the IISc Past students’ Association, 3-4 months in advance and well before the lecture date.  As honorarium of Rs.1000/- for the lecture was suggested at that time along with travel and hospitality.  The amount is to be met from the accruals of the fund that is collected during the golden jubilee celebration.  The inaugural lecture was given by Dr.Vikram Sarabhai on “The sun and the interplanetary space” in 1966.  The latest and the 18th in the series was delivered by Dr.Subra Suresh on “Study of Human diseases at the intersection of engineering, science and medicine.

  • Vikram A. Sarabhai, The Sun and Interplanetary Space, 1966
  • K. Venkataraman, New Dyes for Old and New Fibres, 1968
  • S. Swayambu, Modern Trends in Electric Drive Systems for Industry, 1971
  • G. P. Kane, 1974—A Year of Crisis or Opportunity?, 1975
  • S. Krishnaswamy, Energy Prospects for India in the International Environment, 1977
  • A. Sreenivasan, Some Growing Points in Food Research, 1979
  • S. Ramamritham, The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Need for Technology Improvement, 1981
  • L. S. Srinath, Intellectual Honesty and the Spirit of Inquiry, 1987
  • T. R. Satish Chandran, The Indian Economy-Some Disturbing Trends, 1989
  • R. Chidambaram, Fascination at High Pressures, 1991
  • P. Rama Rao, The Development and Application of Low Alloy Ultra High Strength Steels, 1993
  • N. Seshagiri, Virtual Reality -an Emerging High-tech Discipline for Enhanced Perception in Scientific and Engineering Research, 1995
  • E. S. Raja Gopal, Metrology: New Vistas, 1998
  • Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker, Some Perspectives for Biotechnology, 2001
  • K. Kasturirangan, A Broadband Space Observatory- A Unique Tool to Explore the Cosmos, 2005
  • Mohammad Hamid Ansari, Lecture on the release of the Centenary Postage Stamp, 2008
  • Shivshankar Menon, Science and Security, 2010
  • Subra Suresh, Study of Human Diseases at the Intersection of Engg., Science & Medicine, 2014