Institute Support for Travel

The Institute will support some international travel requirements of its faculty from its own resources. Each request is limited to a maximum of Rs. 2 lakhs for the following purposes:    1. Attendance of conferences/seminars/workshops, in which the faculty member has to make an oral presentation (invited talk or paper).    2. Attendance of conferences/seminars/workshops in which the faculty member is organising a scientific session.The faculty member must apply for such travel grants on the prescribed fillable pdf form which can be downloaded from here. Please email the form after filling it to  with subject as : [Requesting IISc Travel support: “Your name” “Your Department”].The faculty member should include in a separate sheet a justification for travelling to the event highlighting the reputation, importance, and competitiveness of the event.

Faculty members are requested to apply as early as possible. The committee of Divisional Deans will evaluate such travel grant applications once in each quarter (July-Sept, Oct-Dec, Jan-Mar, Apr-June).You can also visit  for more information.