Senate Curriculum Committee (SCC)

The Senate Curriculum Committee (SCC) at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, comprises the following members:

• Chairperson
• Deans of Faculties (Ex-officio Members)
• Chair, CCE (Centre for Continuing Education)
• Convener of Deans of Divisions
• Representatives from the Divisions of Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Electrical Sciences, Mechanical Sciences, Physical and Mathematical Sciences and Interdisciplinary Sciences
• Secretary (Joint/ Deputy/ Assistant Registrar, Academic)

The SCC meets four times in a year and considers the following matters:

• Offering of courses
• Review of courses – content, level
• New academic programs
• Review of examination results
• Problem cases or special cases arising out of examination results
• Course and examination timetables
• The Scheme of Instruction booklet
• Research Training Program (RTP) of research students