Administrative Centres

  • Office of Communications
  • Centre for Scientific and Industrial Consultancy
  • Centre for Sponsored Schemes and Projects (CSSP)
  • Office of Development and Alumni Affairs
  • Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Licencing (OIPTeL)

Chair: Prof. Kaushal Verma

The Archives Cell was established on May 17, 2007. Subsequently it was enlarged to include a publications wing and was renamed as the Archives and Publications Cell (APC) on January 31, 2008 and recently it has been renamed again as Office of Communications.

The Office of Communications has a two-fold responsibility. The first is to collect, catalogue and preserve all documents, photographs and other articles of relevance to the Institute. The second is to coordinate and facilitate the publication activities of the Institute.

Chair: Prof. K J Vinoy

The Centre for Scientific and Industrial Consultancy (CSIC) is a bridge between academia and industry providing solutions to industry’s problems and ensuring at the same time that the Institute’s work remains relevant to national needs at all times.

The Office of Development and Alumni Affairs aims to build a vibrant community of alumni, friends, partners and well-wishers who seek to support the Institute’s mission. We look forward to helping you realize your philanthropic goals and explore various opportunities to connect with the Institute.