The Faculty of Science comprises of three divisions consisting of Departments and Centres which include Biochemistry, Microbiology & Cell Biology, Molecular Biophysics, Inorganic & Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Solid State & Structural Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics including Astronomy & Astrophysics, Ecological Sciences and High Energy Physics. Academic programmes leading to Ph.D and M.Sc.(Engineering) by research are offered in the above departments.

The Integrated Ph.D. programme is designed to offer exciting opportunities to motivted and talented B.Sc. graduates with a keen sense of scientific enquiry for pursuing advanced research in frontier areas of Biological, Chemical and Physical Sciences leading to the Ph.D degree of the Institute.

The research students constitute the largest group(50%) on the campus and the Institute awards about 200 Ph.D and M.Sc.(Engg) degrees each year, which is probably the largest in any institution in India. The annual intake of research students is approximately 250 with several candidates sponsored from institutions and industries.

Admission to the research programmes of the Institute is based on career analysis and campus interview. Candidates are called for interview based on the entrance test of the Institute or any other test recognised by the Institute.