M Sc Programmes 2023-24

(i) Life Sciences and (ii) Chemical Sciences

(Launched from the Acad. Year 2022-23)

The Institute offers new and exciting opportunities to Bachelor’s degree holders with a keen sense of scientific enquiry for pursuing advanced research in frontier areas of Life and Chemical Sciences leading to an M Sc degree. These 2 years Master’s degree programs consist of foundational and flexible coursework and hands-on laboratory training. The design is aimed to develop experimental skills in advanced techniques for research, leading to an independent thesis research project. Students enrolled in the M Sc programs can personalize their coursework and research projects. Details of the eligibility criteria and admission processes are described below.

Notice for Applicants for M.Sc. (Life Science).

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  • Life Sciences

Department/Centre/Unit: Life Sciences

Educational Qualification: A minimum of first class or equivalent in Bachelor’s or an equivalent degree in Physical, Chemical or Biological Sciences (including Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary Sciences and Agricultural Sciences) (or) A minimum of first class or equivalent in BE /B Tech degree.

Intake: 40

Qualifying examination:JAM 2023 in Biotechnology (BT) or Chemistry (CY) or Mathematics (MA) or Physics (PH) (or) GATE in Biotechnology (BT), Biomedical Engineering (BM), Electronics Communication Engineering (EC), Ecology (EY), Mathematics (MA), Physics (PH), Life Sciences (XL)

Selection Process: Candidates will be short listed for interview based on their JAM 2023 BT, CY, MA, PH score / GATE in BT, BM, EC, EY, MA, PH, XL score, final selection will be based on their performance in interview

Areas of study: Biochemistry and Biophysics; Cell and Developmental Biology; Ecology and Evolution; Microbiology and Infectious Diseases; Neuroscience and Behaviour

  • Chemical Sciences

Department/Centre/Unit: Chemical Sciences

Educational Qualification: A minimum of first class in B.Sc. or an equivalent degree with Chemistry as one of the main subjects with Mathematics at the PUC or Plus 2 level.

Intake: 22

Qualifying examination:JAM 2023 in Chemistry (CY)

Selection Process: will be based on 100% performance in the JAM 2023 CY score.

Areas of study: Quantum Chemistry, Statistical Mechanics, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Organic Reactions, Spectroscopy, Main Group Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry.