Book by Prof M Vijayan

The book “A Life Among Men, Women, and Molecules” is an autobiographical account of Prof. M. Vijayan, a renowned structural biologist and X-ray crystallographer, who spent his academic career in IISc for more than five decades. The book edited and coordinated by A. K. Singhvi and published by Indian National Science Academy, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi 110 002.

306 pages. Price: Rs 1500. ISBN: 978-81-939482-6-2

About the book :

Written in an engaging manner to the extent that one would find it difficult to leave the book, after beginning to read it, it provides a fascinating account of various facets of Indian Science, their evolution and the issues that need to . Author’s poignant observations like, science has gone out of main stream national discourse, makes one think of the whole fabric of Science and Scientific research in India. He communicates his vision with passion.

This book is a narrative of Indian Science by a person whose scientific life has been of a large magnitude; a Nationalist with deep concerns for the world around him and, a humane human with an innate desire of using the science for the well being of all.

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