2nd Cyber-Physical Systems Symposium- CyPhySS 2018

Location: Faculty Hall

Dear all,

The registration for the 2nd Cyber-Physical Systems Symposium on 11 and 12 July 2018 is now open and we cordially invite you to join us! Venue is Faculty Hall.

The Symposium aims to bring together eminent researchers in the area of CPS, have them interact with students and researchers from all over India, share ideas and interesting applications, and identify challenging future CPS research directions. Topics of the talks will be:

*  Driverless cars
*  CPS security
*  Cyber-social systems
*  Artificial intelligence
*  Micro- and nanorobotics
*  IoT and communication networks
*  Stochastic control

The confirmed list of speakers includes: Ayusman Sen (Pennsylvania State University), Balaji Prabhakar (Stanford University), Bhaskar Krishnamachari (University of Southern California), Carl-Gustav Jansson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Li Zhang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Rahul Jain (University of Southern California), Raj Rajkumar (Carnegie Mellon University), and Suhas Diggavi (University of California, Los Angeles).

The registration fee is Rs. 3,000 (regular) and Rs. 1,500 (student). Deadline for registering is 30 June 2018.

More information on the speakers, the talks and the schedule is available on the Symposium website at http://www.rbccps.org/cyphyss2018.