3rd BSSE Annual Research Symposium: Computational Bioengineering, Jan. 27-28, 2017

Location: CES Seminar Hall

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The Centre for Biosystems Science and Engineering (BSSE) announces theĀ 3rd Annual Research Symposium, on 27th-28th January 2017 to be held at the CESĀ Seminar hall. This symposium aims at bringing together researchers from bothĀ academia and industry to interact about their interests in the multidisciplinaryĀ field of bioengineering. This year the theme of the symposium is ā€œComputationalĀ Bioengineeringā€. This event will provide a platform for the participants to shareĀ their latest research findings and discuss about future research directions in theĀ field of computational bioengineering. The symposium has multiple sessions spanningĀ a wide range of research areas such as neuro-engineering, network biology, andĀ biomechanics. The sessions will specifically focus on the use of Ā mathematicalĀ modelling, simulation and data analytics based theoretical methods for studyingĀ biological systems. The symposium will begin with a talk by Prof. Vijay ChandruĀ (Chairman and MD, Strand Life Sciences). In addition to IISc faculty, it will alsoĀ host faculty from other research institutes.
The programme schedule and other details related to the symposium are available at http://www.be.iisc.ernet.in/symposium.html

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