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Health care technology is capable of providing cost -effective solutions at a time when the demands on health and social care services continue to increase. At the moment, the pace of change in the technology is increasing at an exponential rate. Rapid technological change will require retraining and rethinking the roles of clinicians. Both existing and future generations of healthcare professionals will need training in digital literacy to be able to make use of the technology in providing optimum care .The future of healthcare lies in working hand-in-hand with technology and healthcare workers have to embrace emerging healthcare technologies in order to stay relevant in the coming years.

Taking all this into consideration, Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), Association of Health Providers India (AHPI), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore and Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST) have collaborated for a Certificate course on Healthcare Technology (CCHT) which is a unique 5 modular course offered on an online learning management systems (LMS) designed to help healthcare professionals learn about the amalgamation of healthcare and technology. Each module has 4 sub modules consisting of video sessions by renowned faculty, course readings, descriptive assignments/case studies with pre and post session questions. The online course is a judicious mix of videos, case studies with great flexibility to accommodate participant’s busy schedule.



  • Skill to perform health technology assessment at their own work place
  • Articulate the technology needs and management tools for the organization
  • Learn about technology led health care and latest innovations for patient and functional management
  • Convert the healthcare technology assessment to procurement and implementation needs
  • Evaluate information systems and applications
  • Implement solutions that assure confidentiality ,security and integrity


  • Convenient Schedule: Flexible and self-paced learning to be completed in 2 months after enrolment


  • All Healthcare Professionals with 2 years’ experience in Healthcare


INR 10,000 *Inclusive of GST

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