Computational Science Symposium 2017

Location: Department of Computational and Data Sciences

Department of Computational and Data Sciences (CDS) is happy to announce the second computational science symposium.

Computational Science is one of the emerging research fields that involves applied mathematical research in the areas of science and engineering, where the development of efficient and robust algorithms becomes crucial. In addition, implementation of scalable parallel algorithms in supercomputers plays a pivotal role in solving large scale scientific and industrial problems. The central theme of this symposium is on the development of accurate numerical schemes for solving differential equations, of analysis and robust numerical algorithms including efficient parallel algorithms for high performance computing. More than 20 invited plenary speakers (academia/industry) and several contributed talks are planned.

Symposium website:

Plenary speakers/Scientific advisory committee:

Prof. S. Ambikasaran (IISc), Prof. N. Balakrishnan (IISc), Prof. T. Basak (IITM),
Dr. Chiranjib (Shell India), Prof. S. Ganesan (IISc), Prof. Murugesan (IISc), Prof.
Nagaiah Chamakuri (MEC), Prof. Neela Natajaj (IITB), Prof. Phaneendra (IISc), Prof.
A. K. Pani (IITB), Prof. C. Praveen (TIFR-CAM), Prof. S. Raha (IISc), Prof. G.
Rangarajan (IISc), Prof. Ratish kumar (IITK), Dr. Sajani Surendran (CSIR- 4PI),
Prof. Sathish S . Vadhiyar, Dr. Senthilkumar (CSIR-4PI), Prof. S. Sundar (IITM) and
Dr. Suranjan Sarkar (Shell India), more to be confirmed …
Brochure/Article: announcement.pdf

Sashikumaar Ganesan
Convener, CSS 2017
Dept. of Computational and Data Sciences
IISc, Bangalore.