Centenary Lecture by Professor Martin Gruebele in Faculty Hall @ 4 pm

Location: Faculty Hall

Centenary Lecture by Professor Martin Gruebele, James R.Eiszner Chair in Chemistry, University of Illinois, Urbana Campaign, USA

Lecture Title : “From nanostructures, to proteins, to fish: the time evolution of natural systems”
Date : Thursday, 15th December 2016
Venue :Faculty Hall, Main Building
Time : 4-00 p.m.

Prof Anurag Kumar, Director, will preside


The lecture will discuss different levels of dynamics from quantum motion to animal behavior. We will see how we can image excited electronic motion of quantum dots and carbon nanotubes with sub-nanometer spatial resolution; how proteins move around to fold into biologically active structures, and comparison with supercomputer calculations; and how a simple analysis can be used to reveal the simplicity of fish swimming.