CII Startupreneur Awards 2020: Last Date to Apply 10 October 2020

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It has been¬†experienced¬†globally that the start-ups and large corporates can¬†meaningfully collaborate while scripting the success stories for mutual benefits.¬†Drawing upon this realization, CII has launched ‘Corporate-Start-up Business Partnership Platform’ wherein it is envisioned that CII member companies in every state ties up with at least one start-up this year.

Under this initiative, start-ups develop products or services for catering to the specific needs of the large corporates. In return, the start-ups are effectively nurtured by the corporates by providing mentorship, financial support, business guidance and finally inducting the start-ups in their supply chain. Since its launch, the platform has been positioned as one of the most prestigious recognition from the corporate world to the most promising start-ups for their excellence in developing cutting edge technology and innovation, wealth creation, and employment generation. While in the year 2018, 11 corporates partnered with 11 start-ups out of the total of 500 applications, in 2019, 13 corporates selected 13 start-ups out of a total of 689 applications.

The Office of PSA & Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has collaborated with CII for this initiative. PSA, GoI requests you to share this opportunity with all faculty and Start up ecosystem so that those interested¬†could apply for¬†these initiatives and be recognized for excellence in cutting-edge innovations and at the same time secure the corporate connect. Under the ambit of CII ‘Corporate-Start-up Business Partnership Platform’, there will be a commitment of mentorship/co-creation by the large corporates to selected start-ups for mutual benefits and business expansion. The selected start-ups will also get recognition at various CII platforms.

 Benefits for Start-Ups:

  • Connect with Corporates
  • Mentorship by Corporates
  • Business Guidance by Corporates
  • Inducting¬†the Start-Ups In Corporate Supply Chain
  • Co-developing the cutting-edge technology and innovation
  • Get market access
  • Showcase the innovative/ disruptive technologies
  • Business partnership/ co-creation


To apply for the program, please visit:

 There is no registration / application fee applicable. The last date to receive entries is 10 October 2020.

 The table below enlists broad and specific areas of collaboration shared by the corporate partners (CII members) for collaboration with start-ups:

Corporate 1

Corporate 2

Corporate 3

Corporate 4

Corporate 5

Other areas

  1. Enterprise Tech
  2. IoT and Digitalisation
  3. Futuristic
  4. IoT
  5. Networking/Wireless/5G
  6. Collaboration
  7. AI/ML
  8. Data Center
  9. Cloud
  10. Security
  11. Mobility
  12. Analytics
  13. Data/image/video
  14. Healthcare
  15. Manufacturing
  16. Healthcare
  17. Education
  18. Transportation
1.  Bio Energy:

  1. Ethanol derivatives to be used for blending in higher value added fuels (e.g. aviation fuel)
  2. Converting bagasse into biofuels/high end chemicals (2G technology – presently not commercially viable)
  3. Compressed natural gas derived from biogas obtained from press mud – obtaining higher yields & much quicker reaction time
  4. Any other – using agri waste / residue

2.  Utilizing technology in existing business: Use an integrated package of drones, imaging & artificial intelligence for doing survey of crop at low cost (finding area/yields/crop conditions (height, intensity, pest & diseases etc)

  1. Tracking and tracing of container/cargo across multiple modes of transportations seamlessly
  2. Robotic and remote repair and maintenance of equipment from safety and quality perspectives
  3. Optimisation of cargo loading inside trucks to enable minimum shiftings (both cold and ambient temperatures)
  4. Storage of cargo/containers in a warehouse/yard to minimise shiftings and give quickest/cheapest access
  5. Alternate/reduced fuel consumptions for our assets/equipment
  6. Innovation in the area of reduction in carbon emissions
  7. Covid related innovations on social distancing, identifying non-compliance, ensuring compliance
  8. Self-service or aggregator portals for various offerings within the logistics space
  9. Solutions to improve safety measures on cargo handling, working at heights, handling loads, Pedestrian safety and equipment handling.
  10. Techniques to optimize equipment utilizations
  11. Forecasting tools which can support business decision making
  12. Payment / document exchange interfaces which can be deployed while making payment of logistics services


  1. Analytics
  2. AI
  3. Industry 4.0
  1. Laser based sensors: Such sensors find extensive application in various areas such as:
    1. Profile measurement
    2. Condition measurement such as temperature.
    3. Motion
    4. Safety areas
  2. Metal Rapid prototyping 
  1. Group 3D Printing
  2. Group concept of negative / positive model making
  1. Low Cost Storage and Retrieval System in our Godown and Warehouses
  1. Storage of SKU’s
  2. Ensuring first in first out
  1. Robotics for enhancing Accuracy and Reduce human interventions
  2. Process simulation 
1.   Creative & Services Sectors

2.   Leisure, travel & hospitality

3.   Transport & logistics

4.   Women led entrepreneurship

5.   Energy

6.   Health & Wellness Sectors

7.   Aerospace and Defence 

8.   Agriculture & Food

9.   Financial Sector

10.      Manufacturing Sectors

11. Infrastructure Sectors

12. Employability & Livelihood Development

13. Social Development

14. MSME & Future Business Development

15. Sustainable Development

16. Tech-Competitiveness Development



For more details, kindly connect with Ms. Priyanka Mukhija, Executive Officer, CII (; +91-9873673940).

We look forward to your participation in the Corporate Start-up Connect Programme of CII members.