Conference and Workshop on “Phenotypic Heterogeneity as a driver of Cancer Progression”

Location: New Biological Sciences Building

The IISc Cancer Thematic Group is organizing a conference and workshop on “PHENOTYPIC HETEROGENEITY AS A DRIVER OF CANCER PROGRESSION” from January 5-8, 2019, at IISc.

The topics include (but are not limited to) carcinogenesis, epithelial to mesenchymal transition, cell fate heterogeneity & stochasticity, metastasis, and cancer bioinformatics & modeling.

Conference information and registration details are in the link below:

Conference on Phenotypic Heterogeneity as a Driver of Cancer Progression

Registration is compulsory and will be on first come first serve basis. Limited seats only. Looking forward to your enthusiastic participation,
Anu Rangarajan
(on behalf of the organizing team)