CPDM-CEFC Advanced Design & Manufacturing Series Webinar — Digital Human Modelling in the context of Design & Manufacturing

Title of the talk  : Digital Human Modelling in the context of Design & Manufacturing.
Name of the Speaker : Prof. Dibakar Sen
Date and Time   : 24th September 2020 15:30 17:00

Abstract :

Use of representations of the user for validation of designs is a common practice in the Industrial Design community. Use of the human-model in a computer aided design environment is also not new. However with the rapid advancements in information technology and computer hardware, human-in-loop simulations within the framework of PLM became affordable for faster development cycles. Digital Human Models (DHM) are computer representations which look, move and perform like ‘real’ users; designers observe, understand and infer the consequences of a given work scenario. Naturally, the scope of these inferences from these ‘simulations’ depends upon the sophistication of the DHM in terms of anthropometry, posturing, bio-mechanics, sensing, perception, skill, knowledge and cognition aspects of human-performance. Until recently, the development of DHM focussed primarily on ‘visualization’ for which the structure and animation were sufficient as the higher level inputs were directly available from the experts involved in the simulation. Realistic, responsive and cognitive human models started enabling task-level simulations from the traditional action level simulations of human performance. The webinar will give a glimpse of developments of DHM within the context of design and manufacturing.

CV of the speaker      :

Prof. Dibakar Sen is a Professor in the Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing and Department of Mechanical Engineering in Indian Institute of Science Bangalore (IISc). He joined as a faculty member in IISc and joined CPDM in 1998, the year it started. He did his PhD degree from IISc Bangalore in 1997 from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He did his BE from the erstwhile REC Durgapur and MSc(Engg) from IISc Bangalore in 1989 and 1992 respectively. For short durations in his career he worked in Bhilai Steel Plant, LPSC/ISRO and IIS/XoX Asia Pacific. His research interests include human factors in design, computer aided ergonomics simulations, mechanical assembly simulation, Virtual Reality and Haptics, simulation and design of mechanisms etc. Through his supervision of MDes Major Projects, he participated in the design of  products, predominantly in the domains of agriculture and assistive technologies; some of these products led to formation of start-ups viz. Sickle Innovations specializing in agri-implements and Grasp Bionics specializing in smart upper limb prosthesis or technology transfer viz. dialysis chair. He has over 90 publications in journals and conferences; 3 of 8 of his Indian patent applications have been granted.

Weblink                : https://bit.ly/2EeNKcW