CPDMED CEFC Design Manufacturing and Entrepreneurship Webinar by Dr. Sanjiv Sambandan @ 4pm

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Title: Challenges in Manufacturing and Reliability of Flexible Electronics

Date: 14th April 2021


The recent years have seen a huge growth in research, technology and systems based on mechanically flexible electronics. A large sector for applications is medical technology (med-tech) In this talk I will talk about some of the key challenges with regards to the manufacturing and reliability of flexible electronics. Discussion will further be about how Dr. Sanjiv Sambandan’s Labs research has addressed or is addressing these issues there by fostering better opportunity in Design, Manufacturing & Entrepreneurial use of Flexi electronics. Dr. Sanjiv Sambandan will then highlight some of his labs efforts in the med-tech space.


Sanjiv Sambandan is an associate professor at the Department of Instrumentation and Applied Physics and the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, IISc, Bangalore. Prior to academia, he was at Xerox Palo Alto Research Centre, CA, USA. He is the founder of openwater.in, a spin-off from his lab at IISc.