Dr Arpita Biswas, Dr Syed Shahjahan Ahmad, and Dr Syed Idrees Afzal Jalali receive INAE student awards

The following students receive INAE  students awards for the year 2021.

  1. Dr Arpita Biswas, from the Department of Computer Science and Automation, for her work on Algorithms for Fair Decision Making: Provable Guarantees and Applications.
  2. Dr Syed Shahjahan Ahmad, from the Department of Electrical Engineering, for his work on Modeling, Characterization, Control and Design of Switched Reluctance Machines.
  3. Dr Syed Idrees Afzal Jalali, Department of Materials Engineering,  for his work on Evaluation of Power-Law Creep in Bending)

Click here for the list of awardees.