EM 2022: Internet Course – Environmental Management 20th Session @ CCE

Green Skill Development Programme 2022- Course: Environmental Management (20th Session) EM2022

This course provides an overview of the key concepts and principles in environmental management, areas of global and national environmental concern, and strategies and tools for effective environmental management. Attempt to understand the genesis of environmental problems; the concerns that lead to various international and national initiatives to tackle them have been made in this course. Various tools, which can be used to address environmental problems and the role that the professionals can play in managing environment in their respective areas would be discussed.

1.      Principles of Environmental Management.
2.      Principles of Ecology, Environment & Environmental Management.
3.      Municipal Solid Waste Management – Principle and case studies
4.      Policies and Legal Aspect of Environmental Management.
5.      Overview of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA); Preparation and Review of Environmental Impact Assessment Report.
6.      Environmental Audit.
7.      Life Cycle Assessment as EM Tool.
8.      Environmental Management Systems Standards: ISO 14000 (EMS).
9.      Environmental Design.
10.     Environmental Economics.
11.     Application of Geoinformatics (Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing) in Environmental Management.
12.     Carrying capacity assessment
Each of the self-learning format versions of the course complies with high quality standards and includes a tutor’s guide. A comprehensive list of references (and suggested reading) is provided at the end of each course to enable the learners to pursue relevant further reading. The methodology involved thorough course packaging (i.e., development, design and materials production).
Applicants must submit application online at
Last date for submission of application form with course fee: 05 August 2022
Successful applicants will be informed (email and online @CCE) by 15th August 2022.
Also, Candidate need to submit (i) curriculum vitae along with brief description of current work (if employed) or their area of work / specialization; (ii) an outline of individual project: especially skills likely to gain in the course and how it will be applied in a project that will be helpful in future career.  This is to be sent through email to the Course Co-ordinator at

Course Schedule
•       Course material (is available in self learning format: http://wgbis.ces.iisc.ernet.in/energy/books/index.htm).
•       Class room briefing and introductory sessions at the beginning of the courses (5 days: During   3-8th September 2022 @ CCE Lecture Hall) followed by first term test (covering 5 chapters, on 8th Sept 2022, 2-5 PM).
•       October and November 2022: Interactive session through internet (web and email) for two months. The course will be active only as online study through Internet and interaction with course faculty by chat sessions, Internet discussion forums and e-mail. Participation in online test and assignments are mandatory.
•       November and December 2022: Announcement of dissertation and implementation by participations.
•       December 2022: Final Contact session (3-8 Dec 2022, interactive session, project presentations, guest lectures), Final exam (8th Dec 2022, 2-5 PM).

Course Fee:
•       Rs 20000+18% GST for participants nominated from academic institutions and government agencies  [Accommodation: rs 1000 per day at Hoysala]
•       Rs. 18000+18% GST  for ISTE Members with work experience of  5 years as teaching faculty and nominated from academic institutions [Accommodation: Rs 1000 per day at Hoysala]
•       Rs. 10000+18% GST for PG students and weaker sections (including SCs/STs – include certificate), unemployed FRESH graduates (graduated after 2018), [Accommodation: Rs 300 per day at Hoysala]
•       Rs.30,000+18% GST for participants from industries and independent consultants [Accommodation: Rs 1500 per day at Hoysala]
Number of registrants is restricted to 50 students. Admission is based on first come, first serve basis. Along with the application, the course fee has to be paid online at http://iisc.online/shortterm/home.html