Getting Published in the Digital Age: An author workshop by Taylor and Francis

Location: Rustum Choksi Hall

The theme of this workshop is Getting Published in the Digital Age. It will include presentations on Publishing in an academic journal: peer review, ethics, copyright, originality; Digital trends & developments: impact, social media, Altmetrics; and Innovations in book publishing – with a Q&A session at the end.

The target audience for this session is faculty, research scholars and students interested in publishing their research in an academic and scholarly journal. The first presentation will include guidance on writing for an academic journal, tips to keep in mind before submission, the peer review process, dealing with reviewers’ comments, etc. Also included will be a discussion around common ethical issues in academic publishing. The second presentation is an interesting and useful guide on how to make your research visible to the larger world by engaging with readers through social media, blogs, graphical and video abstracts, etc. There will also be a survey of the developments in technology pertaining to author and researcher experience. The final presentation will be an introduction to publishing research in the form of a book. It will also include information about latest innovations and technological developments in the books publishing landscape.

Publishing in an academic journal: peer review, ethics, copyright, originality Anindita Pandey, Publishing Manager, Journals – South Asia, Taylor & Francis Group Digital trends & developments: impact, social media, Altmetrics Robinson Raju, Publishing Editor, Journals, Taylor & Francis Group Innovations in book publishing Aastha Sharma, Senior Commissioning Editor, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group