IISc Press invites you to the launch of the book “The Computation Meme: Computational Thinking in the Indic Traditions” @ 10am at IAP auditorium

IISc Press Book Release
The Computation Meme: Computational Thinking in the Indic Traditions

Book Release by
Professor Vinod Ganapathy


Date: 8 April 2024 (Monday)
Time: 10 am
Venue: SV Narasaiah Auditorium, IAP, IISc

Dr. Bitasta Das will initiate the event:

10:00 am: Welcome Address
Prof. Amaresh Chakrabarti, Chair IISc Press, IISc

10: 10 am: About the Book & Authors
Prof. Y. Narahari, Professor CSA, IISc

10. 25 am: Editors’ Remark
Prof. Kanchi Gopinath & Prof. Shailaja D. Sharma

10.40 am: Release of the Book and Address
Prof. Vinod Ganapathy, Chair CSA, IISc

10.50 am: Vote of Thanks
Prof. Kaushal Verma, Chair OoC, IISc

About the book: Computational thinking has been a prominent theme in the Indic view of reality since very early times. It is not surprising therefore that drk.ganitaikya (दृग्गणितैक्य or “computational positivism” as Roddam Narasimha has characterised it) has informed many disciplines in India such as astronomy and grammar. The key principle here is the correspondence between observations and computations.

The Indic position, which is based on computational models, has not received due recognition because of the hitherto dominant paradigm of deductive mathematics. Nowadays, the computational model has significant adherents, whether in computational fluid mechanics, biology, finance, etc. The articles in this volume illustrate the computational perspective in diverse Indic domains. We hope this volume opens a healthy debate on the continued relevance of the Indic perspectives on understanding the world.

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