ITEC Course on “SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION POLICY” under the auspices of Ministry of External Affairs,GOI

Location: Seminar Hall, CeNSE,

ITEC Course on “SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION POLICY”  under the auspices of Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India to be held at CeNSE, IISc, Bengaluru from Nov.27 – Dec.3, 2019

Nov27 – Dec3, 2019: to be held at CeNSE, IISc, Bengaluru

The course will provide a forum for discussion on and development of public policy to promote Science, Technology and Innovation. S&T and the stream of innovations emerging incessantly from these two enterprises influence lives everywhere profoundly, and their impact is only growing. Governments, the academia, and public institutions are acutely aware of this, especially in the developing world. However, often, they find themselves only reacting and adjusting to the disruptions emanating from far away. Yet, these institutions have the power and autonomy to formulate policies and take action on their own. In this context, the Course aims to impart training to participants on how S&T policies are important and are evolved, and what the role of the government and public institutions is and should be in the “science, technology, and innovation system”. The course will dwell on how S&T policies are formulated when government and the society look increasingly to experts to do more for the society than conduct research and produce knowledge. Such expectations include protecting society from misuse or unintended consequences of science and technology. This training program will impart sufficient knowledge to participants so that they can contribute to decision making related to S & T issues in public,private,and,civic,settings.

To provide focus, the Course will revolve around five interrelated themes of great current relevance: Healthcare; Climate Change; Energy and the Environment; Agriculture and Food Security;Education, Science Communication, and Innovation/Translational Research/Start-up Policy/Intellectual Property.  The Course will include lectures by eminent speakers from Government, academia, industry, and civil society, presentations by the participants, group discussions, panel discussions, technical visit(s), public lectures, and a feedback/stocktaking session. The defining feature of lectures will be interaction with the distinguished speakers drawn from different organizations and occupations.

Participants: Around 26 Senior S&T officials from ITEC countries