Paper from Prof. Radhakant Padhi’s lab wins the best paper award in the 2nd International Diabetes Summit, held at Pune during 09-11 Mar 2018

There was only one award in the conference (i.e. no second/third place) and 37 papers were pre-selected for the competition. Two rounds of presentation were required (to reduce 37 to 6 from three parallel sessions and then 6 to 1 in a single session). The award came with 1.0 Lakh INR cash prize!

In a nutshell, finding in the paper actually corroborates the fact (which our doctors intuitively know for a while) from real experimental data collected from many healthy subjects (with 3 independent lab tests for each sample, followed by parameter fitting from two independent methods) that “Indian population have more insulin resistance as compared to Caucasian (white) population”.

This work also involves a leading endocrinologist (Dr. Mala) and her small team @ MS Ramaiah medical college, where all subjects are being admitted and time-tagged IV blood samples were/are being collected under doctor’s supervision. They send the samples to three diagnostic labs (including one in Mumbai) and get the data for us to analyze. The time-tagged data set also include a CGM sensor data plus a BG meter data from finger-pricking.