Paraspar Lecture by Indira Chowdhury

Paraspar, an initiative of the Office of Communications (OoC) at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), is a platform for conversations about knowledge systems, particularly science.


Invites you to a webinar series on

Science and Society

Science has emerged both as an instrument of power and a tool of emancipation. Owing to this two-pronged nature, no other system of knowledge affects the society so acutely and immediately like science. In this webinar series we attempt to elucidate the ideal relationship of science with society.

 The Predicaments of the Institutional Legacy 
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Abstract: The history of science in India has not focused on the nature of legacy of scientific institutions. Overly absorbed in critically evaluating Bhabha’s scientific leadership of India’s Atomic Energy Programme, historians of science in India have not paid attention to Bhabha’s institution-building practices at TIFR, the older and more significant institute he had founded. As a result there has been very little historical understanding of the nature of Bhabha’s legacy. What elements of that legacy defined TIFR as an institution? This talk will reflect on the nature of the Nehruvian scientific vision as well as the nature and significance of institutional practices that Bhabha put in place at TIFR by analyzing archival records and oral histories. In what ways did colonialism shape institutions created in postcolonial India? How do we understand the residual effects of colonialism within nationalism and internationalism? Through the excavation and analysis of stories of institution building this lecture will offer alternative ways of understanding not only TIFR but also other scientific institutions and their histories.

Speaker: Indira Chowdhury
Centre for Public History
Srishti-Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Date: 8 January 2021 (Friday)
Time: 4.00 pm

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