Paraspar Lecture by  Jahnavi Phalkey @ 4pm

Paraspar, an initiative of the Office of Communications (OoC) at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), is a platform for conversations about knowledge systems, particularly science.


Invites you to a webinar series on

Science and Society

Science has emerged both as an instrument of power and a tool of emancipation. Owing to this two-pronged nature, no other system of knowledge affect the society so acutely and immediately like science. In this webinar series we attempt to elucidate the ideal relationship of science with society.

 German Émigré Scientists and Engineers and Aeronautics in India (Click here for the poster )

Abstract: We will explore the stories of German émigré scientists and engineers in India through the history of India’s first jetfighter, Marut – HF 24. Looking at three separate waves of German emigration to India from the 1930s to the 1950s, we will trace their links to the development of facilities for advanced research and education in aeronautics and aerodynamics, and eventually, to, manufacturing of aircraft. Two aspects of this story are significant: the transnational networks of German speaking aeronautical engineers and scientists, including that of Indian students trained in Germany; and, second, the  constraints of Cold War geopolitics as they shaped the conditions under which the aircraft could be manufactured. Of particular interest to us is the specific configuration of the military-industrial-academic complex in India, an idea that is yet to receive substantial scholarly attention.

Speaker: Jahnavi Phalkey
Founding Director
Science Gallery, Bengaluru

Date: 25 January 2021 (Monday)

Time: 4.00 pm

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