Paraspar talk by Harini Nagendra @ 4pm at Faculty Hall

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Thinking Ecologically About India’s Cities

India’s cities are on a breakneck path to growth. Cities are engines of prosperity and promise, but also concentrations of pollution, stress, and disease. Episodes of flood, drought, heat waves, and smog tell us why we must begin to think ecologically about our urban future in Indian cities. Many Indian cities were built on a firm basis of local ecology, drawing on the rivers, lakes, forests, grasslands and coastal areas around them for food, water and building material. Yet over centuries, the human population has grown, transforming the ecology of our cities beyond recognition. This talk will discuss the need for scientific research on Indian cities, to understand how urban design can fit the Indian context so that cities accommodate ecology, ensuring human wellbeing as well as resilience to climate change.

Speaker: Harini Nagendra
Author and Ecologist
Director, Research Center & Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability
Azim Premji University

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Venue: Faculty Hall, IISc
Date: 26 June 2023 (Monday)
Time: 4.00 pm

All are welcome

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