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Your Brain on Music: Natyashastra to Neuroscience

Abstract: Myths and legends abound the world of Raagas and Indian Classical music. Raagas that heal, raagas that can melt clouds into rain. Morning Raagas, evening Raagas, Raagas that can conjure up the imagery of monsoon even on a dry summery afternoon. The human tryst with Raagas has powered some vivid imaginations documented in popular culture, anecdotes, folk legends and textual traditions of India.Yet, along with such imaginations and subjective associations, the Raagas embody an ageless wisdom – a curated knowledge of the brain, mind and experience. Is the Raaga experience purely subjective and personal?

In this lecture, Dr. Navaratna connects contemporary neuroscience to the ageless wisdom of the Natyashastra through illustrative music, live performance and demonstrations. Drawing from music across the world, Bollywood to folk tunes, we undertake an exploratory journey into the magical, mystical and memorable synapses of brain and music.

Speaker: Deepti Navaratna

Musician & Neuroscientist

TV Raman Pai Chair of Excellence

Professor of Humanities

National Institute of Advanced Studies

Venue: Faculty Hall,  Main Building, IISc

Date: 19 February 2024 (Monday)

Time: 4.00 pm

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