Paraspar webinar by Argha Manna

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This series explores the works that bring together the two traditionally disparate domains, art and science, in exciting new ways and beckon novel possibilities.

Title: Exploring Fourth Culture through the Ninth Art ( Poster )

Abstract: Do scientists and humanists have commonalities in the way they engage in addressing and solving the world’s problems? Do they speak a common language to bridge the knowledge gap?  Intellectuals in science and those from other disciplines have historically been positioned on opposite poles, but there have also been many attempts to bring them closer. The cultural divide between different disciplines has narrowed over the past six decades through several cultural evolutions, but a vast gap still exists between these disciplines and the people outside. This gap widens during the time of crises like pandemics, famine, nuclear proliferation and more. The problem remains the same: lack of a common language. Irrespective of intellectual background, comics could be a suitable medium to engage people from various disciplines in problem-solving and bridge the existing cultural gap. The amalgamation of visual art, text, theories and data not only helps to create a new common language to address the world’s problems but also to re-examine critical ideas from different disciplines.

Speaker: Argha Manna
Cancer Researcher-Comic Artist
IIT Gandhinagar

Date: 19 December 2022 (Monday)

Time: 4.00 pm

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