PARASPAR webinar by Rajan Gurukkal @ 4pm


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‘Reading the Past’ 

Understanding the past often leads us to interpret why and how the present has evolved. This series will explore the historical underpinnings that have shaped the various facets of the modern world.

Gandhiji’s Struggle against British Imperialism: A Reappraisal in the Context of Decolonisation (Poster)

Abstract: Gandhiji struggled not against Britain, but against its colonialism which he felt was a crime against humanity. He fought it through non-violent civil disobedience, using satyagraha as the main tool and with sarvodaya as the ultimate goal. What my lecture seeks to do is a reappraisal of the political worldview, strategies, and objectives that Gandhiji set down in Hind Swaraj and his other writings. My attempt is to see where we are today in the 75th year of decolonisation efforts. I will focus on select topics crucial to distinguishing the Gandhian programme of decolonisation from what we practised over the past seven decades and four years of vicissitudes. It requires us to re-read Gandhiji between two worldviews — one that believes that science and technology are the answer to humanity’s problems, while the other is obsessed with wealth and power — in order to understand freedom.

Speaker: Rajan Gurukkal
Vice-Chairman-Kerala State Higher Education Council

Date: 6 September 2021 (Monday)
Time: 4.00 pm
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