Professor Roddam Narasimha Endowment Lecture by Prof. S M Deshpande @4pm

Location: Faculty Hall

Title:  My journey in Computational Fluid Dynamics: From Shock structure, Monte Carlo Simulation,  Kinetic Methods and their applications to Direct Numerical Simulation
Date & Time: 27 July 2022,   (Wednesday) at 4 p.m.
Venue: Faculty Hall, IISc

Prof. Govindan  Rangarajan, Director, IISc  will preside.

Abstract: The talk will focus on rarefied and low-density flows initially, and then move on to more complex flows, e.g., that on gas turbine blade, mostly done in collaboration with Professor Roddam Narasimha. After presenting studies of shock structure in rarefied flows, I will discuss Monte Carlo Simulation of low-density flows. The work on the Boltzmann equation led me to develop various kinetic numerical methods- such as kinetic flux vector splitting, peculiar velocity based schemes, low dissipation m-KFVS (adjoint based optimisation) and least squares kinetic upwind method (LSKUM). LSKUM moved from the research table to concrete applications of store separation in CSIR-NAL and DRDL, petal separation in DRDL and strongly rotating flows in BARC. The second part presents computing flow on a gas turbine blade using CPU-GPU HPC platforms. The flow is highly complex, involves transition and relaminarisation, topics which were very close to Prof. Narasimha.

About Speaker: A Gold medallist in B.E. (Electrical Engineering) from Nagpur University, S M Deshpande obtained his M.E. and Ph.D degrees in Aeronautical Engineering from IISc Bangalore. He joined the same department as a Lecturer in 1969 and retired as Professor in 2004. He is the first student to get Ph.D under the guidance of Late Professor Roddam Narasimha. He was instrumental in initiating Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) research in the country. His Kinetic Theory based CFD algorithms continue to influence research in this area to date. Design data for India’s Agni Missile program were computationally obtained at DRDL Hyderabad under his guidance. He established the AR & DB Centre of Excellence for Aerospace CFD at IISc. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam used to call him CFD Gandhi. After retirement from IISc in 2004, he served as consultant to Engineering Mechanics Unit at JNCASR till the year 2020. He is a recipient of several honours and awards including Satish Dhawan Chair Professorship at IISc (2000-03), Biren Roy Trust Award of AeSI (1991), IISc Alumni Award for Excellence in Research (Engineering, 2001) and DRDO Academic Excellence Award (2002). He is an elected fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences (1974), Indian National Academy of Engineering (1995), Aeronautical Society of India (1998) and Maharashtra Academy of Sciences (2001).