Research highlights from BEES Lab, IISc, 2019

Dr. Hardik J. Pandya’s Lab (Biomedical and Electronic (10-6-10-9) Engineering Systems Laboratory) at the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore focuses on developing novel biomedical devices and healthcare solutions by combining expertise in microengineering, biomedical engineering, electronic system design, additive manufacturing and sensor interfacing and calibration to solve unmet problems in biology and medicine. The research work in the lab broadly focuses on technologies for early detection, screening and diagnosis of breast, oral, brain, and other solid tumor cancers, smart catheter technologies for cardiac ablation and neonatal intubation, portable systems for auditory screening of infants and neonates using biopotentials, blue-sky research in bioresorbable devices for recording bio-potentials, microsystems for rapid antibiotic susceptibility screening, to name a few. In the year 2019 the lab published several review articles and a research article in these domains.

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